Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday Sendy!

it's very look a like with the one we gave you, isn't it?

Happy birthday hon!
you must be thankful that you have 3 of lovely girls like us around you always
hope you will be better as you grow older, like be faithful always and don't easily get jealous
keep funny, get smarter, be wiser, and oh, please wash your brain once to remove all the perv thoughts!
but most important thing above all is: love us (your girls) even more! ha!
anyway, wish you the very best year as you could ever imagine!
and I really really hope you will live happily ever after with whoever you choose later on.
whether it's boy or girl, it's A'on or Alice
sorry I can't afford you with anything but I'm sure this post mean much more than everything I can afford you =p
it's soooo... priceless, right?!

it's disgusting but that's definitely something I'll remember from you always, such your trademark

Lotsa love my boy,
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p.s: photos are coming soon, Juan hasn't posted 'em yet

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