Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can I Have These on My Birthday?

1st row from left to right: beanie, biker's jacket, shouting t-shirt, plaid shirt, animal printed t-shirt, bracelets
2nd row from left to right: statement necklace, short (under), jeggings, ripped jeans, tie dye jeans, tie dye ripped jeans, other people's love letter (book)
3rd row from left to right: lace up sneakers, moccasin, brogue, cute flat shoes, bright sandals, LA Candy by Lauren Conrad (book), Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

please pay a notice everyone!
I'm gonna be freaking 20 in two days! should I scream or laugh happily??? LOL
so basically these are things that I want as my birthday presents but if you want to give any other presents that are not listed on it, you're so very welcome! go ahead...
it doesn't need to be branded, but it has to be cute! =)
I guess you have to take me along with you to buy things that need to be measured based on my body but it's not a hard thing to do right? LOL
I made this just so to make things easier for you all, who want to give me birthday presents

thanks so much before for paying a notice on this post! and for bigger image you can visit my polyvore page!

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