Friday, September 18, 2009

Officially 20!

Happy Birthday to Meeee...!!!
as you all know I just turned 20
and all I wanna do is scream like this:

I'm Freaking 20 Now!!!

I reach at a point, well you know, when you were a kid you wish you are much older but when you are all grown up and older you wish you were still a kid or at least much younger than you are now. am I right?!

finally yeah finally... my age isn't started with number 1 any longer but now there's 2 in front of. I feel old, honestly...

but hey! despite thinking about age (it's just a number though), I think maturity doesn't depend on how old are you, but how you handle things in balance.

hopefully in this year, I will be better in every way that I should be.

Thanks to:
1. Jesus, He's my everything! and thank God for believe in me one more year to taste this life even more. I'm gonna keep Your light on, no matter what! Thanks so much for Your unconditional love.

2. Family: pa, ma, brothers. I know you will always accept me no matter what my condition is. yeah, all of you. I will be Wijaya's as always because I belong to this family, and thank you for that!

3. My big family: aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews. Though I'm not that close to you all but thanks for the love and pothers when we unite as one.

4. Friends: Bio 07, Petra (High, Junior, and Elementary School) which I can't mention one by one. thanks so much for helping me (a lot!) walking through days by days esp. the tough ones.
laugh, cry, giggles, anger, smiles, mad, craziness... I guess we've been sharing a lot more than we can realize.

5. All of them that have support and helped me so far, who I can't or forget to mention one by one. Thanks! =)

For all of the people that I already mentioned above, you know I love you. You are all the pieces that joint me! We got each other back for always... and thank you so so so much for the wishes!!! I'm happy and nothing can best describe my feeling now. God bless all! =)

Lotsa love,
the birthday girl,

p.s: I feel like an artist who got an award and then had to give speech in front of a lot people LOL

and thank you my fellow blogger Noemi Manalang for featuring me in her blog! =)

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