Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First and The Last Twistberry?

yeah, so I, Yunita, Alice and Sendy went to here after we had lunch
this is he newest FroYo store at the mall

took a pic before we make an order (captured by Sendy)
we have to wait like 10 more minutes before the FroYo is ready

here we go! the spaghetti FroYo (new concept, I guess)
look, me and Yunita chose same toppings

overall, it taste a bit difference with the others FroYo that I've tasted so far.
the sour is kinda weird, well I don't know how they make it until it taste like that.
and the FroYo is super cool (literally), me and Yunita freezed while we were eating it.
well honestly, I kinda a bit disappointed with the lack of service.
like we have already wait for 10 minutes and the clerk said the original flavor still not ready yet so we had to eat the blueberry one.
it saved by the 50% disc!
I don't know the first time will be the last time or not but definitely I like others more than this one. Sorry to say (no offense) but that's the truth...

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