Monday, September 7, 2009


yup, September 5 was my first time in Red Mango
I bought of course, the famous one Mochiberry (pic above)! so yummy!
it's indescribable, you have to try it by yourself.

so, here's the story me and my girls, Yunita and Stella made a promise (did we?) to come try this yogurt together. But under one circumstance, I break the promise, owwhh.. so sorry dear.
Please, don't jealous me =p just think about it this way,
maybe I just got the chance earlier than you both.
But sure, 3 of us really like FroYo maniac! yeah, you can say that. We've been making plan to taste all FroYo stores spread in Jakarta.
And Twistberry are waiting for tomorrow! ha!

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