Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Illustration

does it look like me? don't care, I just know I like it much!

the other side of the pic, it's written like this

so yea, finally what I've been waiting for, came!!!
as you can see above I just got the illustration from my blogger friend, Noemi Manalang
now I have one and I absolutely feel happy! =D (things just went out well this last 2 days)
though it's already 11 days late from my b'day but still I appreciate it much (well, who doesn't?)

I also want to say sorry for Noemi Manalang because I forgot to say happy b'day to her at 24 Sept. O, gosh! I feel like a jerk!
so, happy belated b'day dear friend! please forgive me, I can't give you anything
I'm not as talented as you are, I guess...

anyway, I'm honored to be illustrated by her
I know that she's soooo talented, for sure! I'm impressed! seriously.
I think a person with a gift like her is rare... right? you have to agree with me!
to see more of her great illustrations just visit noomie doodles fashion
last, I can't say anything rather than thank you so much... =)

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  1. aww yayy glad u got it! haa yeah its was late cuz the post office opened late. thanks for the greeting. hehe its ok, no need to give me anything in return. i just feel generous on my bday.. hehe hope u enjoyed ur special day!


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