Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seasons 2

So sorry for the lack of updating! I've been as busy as a bee working on a bunch of assignments! but still I can't resist to watch the new seasons 2 LOL... so far I've watched these:

owh yeah! TB season 2 is been amazing and the story plot is much better than the first one!
less sexual content and it's nice to see Eric and Bill fighting over Sookie =)

my favorite scenes is when Allan Hyde as Godric there!
he's the maker of Eric, he is a very old vampire, like he's 2000 years old
that's why, IMO he is the wisest vampire ever! and cute too =)

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Anne the queen of vampire
her house is so big and amazing!
she's doing it beautifully anyway!

I also watched 90210 season 2, like two days ago and I love it too!
I guess it has more intrigue and conflict than the first one!

Trevor Donovan is the new man of this season, he replaced Dustin Milligan, Ethan (too bad).
he portrays as Teddy Montgomery, a very rich son of phew... I forgot the name
but seriously he got a bod that deserves to be starred at!

the girls still make this season as hot as it can be!
loveeee their body and their new appearances! nice abs though...

p.s: I don't mean to be a spoiler that's why I end up here... just watch by yourself for more great scenes!

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