Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Oldest Bro 26th B'day

this is the place where the celebration happened, Kenny Rogers at Grand Indonesia

brothers are waiting for the food coming

the birthday boy is having his treat!

enjoying the meal

mother daughter photoing time

brother sister - hood stick together for posing!

actually yesterday was the celebration for my oldest bro b'day
but forgive me, because I didn't have time last night to post it
so, personally, the chicken is not as delicious as I thought besides I love the side dishes more
there we took some photos and did some walk around
and hell! my driver took like 45 minutes to drive the car out from parking lot because there was a super tight traffic jam! yea, we had to wait 45 minutes or more, I guess...
we arrived home at 11.30 pm, and I'm already exhausted
that is why I didn't post about this yesterday
after all... it is worth a try! =)

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