Friday, October 9, 2009



The casts

Ben Hollingsworth as Chris Andrews and Sara Paxton as Raina Marinelli
Nico Tortorella as Cole Shepherd and Mischa Barton as Sonja Stone

hot isn't he?!

hmmm... melting!

but I'd rather choose:

him! HAHA...
I like a typical of a good, sweet, and gentle kinda boy than a bad one
but let's see in the future episodes, maybe I can fall in love in them both (Chris and Cole)

so sorry for the lack of updating, it's all because mid exams. I've never been that miserable in my whole life until this week because that freaking crazy mid exams! oh, don't ask.
Just wanna spill this, I watched The Beautiful Life (TBL) like on last Tuesday
though I was still in the middle of mid exams, but I feel like taking a break at that time
well, I think I'm loving it though I prefer The Vampire Diaries (see my previous post) to TBL
don't know why but I guess it's because the vampire is a trend right now! ha!
I admit TBL has a great story, great stars, and characters. They also make me so curious about the next episodes.
Too bad it has to be stopped, because of Mischa's problem, that's what I've heard.
anyway, I really like Mischa Barton and Sara Paxton here, they both are cute, cool, and so stylish! it's like those outfits are made for them.
after all, it's worth to watch! =) click here for more about them

p.s: sorry of I've been posting about TV series from days to days, just stay tune from my upcoming post. It will be more personal...

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