Thursday, November 19, 2009


Finally, yea finally I watched 2012!! after twice trying to get the tickets, finally me along with my family got 6 of 'em this evening!
so, I'm gonna make my impression about this movie into points, here we go:

let's start from the good ones:
  • the moral messages behind it, like what Dr. Hemley says we have to conquer our ego and be together in such hard times. Poor or rich, is not matter anymore, we are equal!
  • the stars, Morgan Lily (Lily), Osric Chau (Nima), and Johann Urb (Sasha) are such a cutie and hottie!
  • most of all, in this movie China really shows its very modern technology! I can make sure the arcs are made in China. Go China!
  • it is so thrill! I'm sure I was watching with my mouth half opened during the tense scenes lol
and for the bad ones:
  • the effect, is kinda overrated I think. well, I know the truth is gonna be much scarier than the movie can ever pictured but for this time I guess its effect just not feel right and excessive
  • I can see some green screen for some scenes appears there! seriously, it's like too appearing even if you don't see it carefully
morevoer, this movie really makes me think like what am I gonna do when it is happening or before it happens?
It's not the reaction of afraidness
I still don't know the answers but one thing I know nobody knows when, where, and how it happens
only God knows...
so, listen up everybody you better make yourselves even closer to God, no matter what and one more thing, BE GOOD.

one more, I have been searching for the soundtrack when the movie ends. what is it? anyone knows?

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