Friday, November 20, 2009

2 Faced

I never thought that I will have a kinda 2 faced girl friend in my life, but now it's happening and I can't get rid of it.
At first, she looks just like a pretty normal girl, pretty cute face, seems smart, and nice. Nothing wrong, nothing odd.
But during the time, her behavior is getting worse and worse. Well, it's not like she is a junkie or something but it is a lot worse than that.

  • She always "steal" other person's glory, as if she was the one who has done something all alone. Do like 3 parts of reports is what you call working alone? is that what you call I do nothing? yea, right... this one is really make me go emo!!!

  • She keeps complaining, like everything never right in front of her. Can't you just be thankful for what has happened and happens in your life, for once?! What do you ask for more?! Gosh... she really can ruin your day, I tell ya!

  • She is (seems) smart but recently I know all of the smartness just a bullshit! She earn it by cheating. What?! Do you think, we don't know that?!

  • She is oh-so-materialistic! She is kinda person who money-centered. Money is everything for her, like a leech slowly but sure she sucks her boyfriend's parents' money until it runs dry. I think she will go crazy and commit suicide if it happens...

  • She is a possessive one, very! Hellooowww... it's not like I'm the one who come to your boyfriend and offer myself but it's your boyfriend who does that. Why don't you look at yourself in the mirror, b****?! You acting so jealous, in fact there must be something wrong with you or your boyfriend, unless he never does that. Next time, better watch your boyfriend because it's your money source. Maybe you can use a rope that works for dog or remote control!
  • She is really insecure... always think negative to us, like we love to talk about her?! ha! don't feel inferior... what?! do you want us to say we love talking about your fatty body which is getting bigger that makes you look like you are pregnant?! that's nothing, because we love talking something about you that will makes you down...

  • She is 2 faced! talks good in front of everybody and talks bad behind their back. It's like she is the Ms. Perfect and we are the wrongs (remind me of someone), maybe she and he share a trait, lol! WOW! she will put Aaron Eckhart, who play 2 faced in The Dark Knight in shame! Better watch out, girl I believe one day all of those things that you have said will turn against you! Just beware!
We are ain't no angel or saint... we are the same and we make mistakes so do you! So, just act like one normal girl... too bad, that quite pretty face has to be vanished by all of your rotten attitude.

Listen to me, girl! I feel pitty to you, really. Because all of your life is full of negative thoughts, suspicious, and insecurity. May God have mercy on you, so He will save you before it's too late. Forgive her God, she doesn't know what is she doing for all this time.

So, everybody be carefull of this type of girl.. she is so sneaky, manipulative, like a snake with two mouths! Don't ever get affect with what she says, it will be her loss. In the future, we all will be just fine but her, I guess she will keep living her bad behaviour and go mentally crazy, unless she can get rid of that.

I might be so rarely talk rude words, but sorry I use two of them now. It's just because of her!
F U! and sorry if I have become to emotional... Lucky me, I still can control that. =)
I guess I should keep my head stay focus and don't give a s*** about this, anymore! It's like wasting of time...

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  1. The question is "does she believe in God?" I don't think so.

    Most people who are not believe in God may not realize what they've done.


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