Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nylon Magz

It starts here:
I went to Indonesia Book Fair 2009 today after the Church is over
me and my family, we have already planned to go there since the day before
I was kinda excited at first
but it's all gone when I see the visitors were sooo damn crowded and hectic!
still we entered into it and squeezed

in the middle I remembered what I want to buy, which is My Sister's Keeper
I started to look for it but I gave it up when I couldn't find it anywhere
I forgot which publisher it is
poor me!!!

and when I was looking for it for the thousand times,
I stopped by in one of the stands which was full of people blended
I found that it is very interesting because they sell imported books and magazines
in very cheap price!!!
It was like a "heaven" for me, seriously!!!

and guess what I've found???
my first two Nylon Magz, IDR 30 thousand each
it's like IDR 55 thousand cheaper than the original
well of course they're out of month
but never mind, I'm just really curious what inside
because you know, most fashion oriented people really are inspired by this magazine
so yea I bought 'em

pictured here:

April 2009 edition

May 2009 edition

I haven't read 'em though, I just scratched the plastic cover just so I can skim it
I did it when I got into the car on the way home, like I've said I am so damn curious bout 'em!
maybe next time when I have many spare time, because you know read foreign language magazines really energy and mind consuming
too bad, I couldn't find the more updated ones =(
maybe they were out of stock
hah! I should come to this exhibition from the very first day then!

anyway, for those who haven't read in Nylon Magz in their life (like me)
I'll tell ya guys if these magz do any good!!!

so, stay tune for upcoming posts
pssstt... it will be about my dad's 55th b'day celebration)

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