Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Letter To My Friends

Today might be another most annoying day in our history
It was raining and thunder were striking a lot in the outside, so does our feeling inside, as gloomy as it can be
it's all because of him! got angry with unclear purpose, like he does when things don't go on what he wants
o, yeah I can make sure he feels so right to do that!

What just happened today in lab, is really pissed us off!
seems we always wrong and he always right (oh, crap! I hate saying this all the time, but it's the truth!)
Some of us didn't mean not to wear lab suit, just blame your sudden notification! you are the one who never wear lab suit, right?!
We are wearing those gloves because we are told to, it's not like we want to play with 'em! hell! Those chemical are toxic and we don't want to risky our lives by not wearing the gloves. We have already paid million rupiah to study and we are not allowed to wear a pair of glove?! is it that expensive?! hell!
And if we pour and mix the solution in a wrong way, we didn't mean to! it's all human nature or human error!
Don't tell us how to use micro pipette, where to put beaker glass, and even how to stir. Are you really that perfect? I can tell you, you are NOT!!!
pouring the gel until it brimmed was an indication that you are just a one big mouth but your head is empty inside as well as your heart
I'm not trying to be rude, but maybe you deserve that, man!
Just so you know, you are the one who messed up the lab work!
So you better shut your big mouth every next time you come in to lab, especially when we are doing lab work...

arghhh!! enough talking about today's dejection, it will make me go emotional again...

I'm hoping there won't be more pique like what happened today
Don't let him treat us the way we shouldn't be treated
Keep saying to ourselves that...
No matter how angry or how peevish he is, don't let him ruin our beautiful days
It's not worth it!!!
I know it sounds sucks and hard but he is the one who will loss all of our respect... sooner or later he'll know it!
Maybe let think this way, it is a training to face an annoying boss in the future, when we are working in somewhat company, we just have it a little bit too early
well, if it's not working either, hm just think the positive way or poke it fun!
He will has more wrinkle on his cheeks, fore heard, soon he will look like a very old-lonely man if he keeps angry to us!
wish wish...
see?! everything is fun if we know how to see a problem in different ways
it's just a matter of point of view! plus a lot of patient, still...

We are friends (well, some of us are couple), so let's do things what friends normally do
We have to support each other, give a lean hand or shoulder, and back to back
so there would never be frown or even tears, in the future...

1.5 years more left... after that we are as free as a bird can be!!!
so throw away all of the sadness, put your smile back on your mouth, and say cheers!!! =)
all of us are way too precious to be beaten by him!!!
aren't they cute?! LOL


  1. I just hope we can create weapon which can used to counter those person.

    Looks like all we can do is play defensive while waiting the right timing to counter attack.

  2. For me, I still have a year extra with him. So, it's 2.5 years for me. Poor me :(

  3. Hi All,
    This is excellent for switching to different volumes for adding different substances to the same test tube, such as the reagent and blood used in a Reticulocyte count.


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