Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank You Boys!

Yesterday, suddenly I was inspired by what is happening in my life around so I was kinda like got an idea to write this post...
Ever since I was born, I'm surrounded with boys. As you all know, I have two older "crazy but fun" brothers and of course a loving a father
I grow up spoiled and overprotected, it's not like I ask for it but they themselves who treat me like that since I am the only one daughter and also the youngest
Maybe that's why I make friends with boys easier than with girls, which sometimes it gives me bad trademark
Sometimes people would think I'm flirty and everything, in fact they just don't know the story behind, so I just never ever think about it even a bit, screw what people say and think about me!
When I'm around boys (note: not the one I like) everything seems so easy and I can be myself, I do feel save, and I can talk almost everything to boys that I am very close with.
Maybe because boys think with their head (rationally) not with their heart (emotionally) like girls do
I just can be me when I'm with girls who are close to me like I do have now, well only few but Thank God for them!
Boys treat me like a princess, they pamper me, and spoil me
As if I was made from porcelain, easily breakable...
I'm flattered with what all they have been done and do
Even it's a tiny winy thing which maybe for you is unnecessary like:
my father and brothers who are always there for me, men who influence me the most!
my boy friends... I can't mention their names one by one but ever since I can't remember, they do things such:
ears to listen to me nonstop, shoulders to lean on, and hands for me to hold on, even though I could be a pain in the ass but you never stop to reply my text back
hand me this, hand me that, especially when I am and was the only girl in a so-called group
to understand me, though I don't verbalize it, you know what is going on with me
to be very thoughtful, I'm sure I couldn't go in to a slaughter and take that very stinky cow rumen!
to accompany me, believe me I'll feel lonely to watch movie in cinema alone and when I haven't been picked up yet by my driver to go home!
to left me those bubblegum yogurt and chocomochi balls, even though I didn't ask for it
to be such an interesting partner to discuss artists, music, and films... that's so so nice!
to be joked and joking around together, from the neat until the dirtiest ones! LOL
to give me advices and suggestions, you guys are maturer than me sometimes!
those sweet talks, sweet treats, and gentleman act, I love it when you do!
but most of all for the L.O.V.E!!!
thank you for all of those that I mention above...
Sometimes I wish I could do more than I can do for you boys, well maybe someday I will
I know boys are creatures that can be such a nerve-racking and make my head blows like they can give you empty hopes when you put all of your hope into him
but I wouldn't change with them with anybody even with Xavier Samuel, Chace Crawford, Robert Pattinson, or any A- listed Hollywood hunk
well, okay sometimes I wish them to... but there is no guarantee that those Hollywood boys would be any better than I do have now, right?
Besides the ones I have already became a part that build me, until now
Without them, I will not ever know what creatures are boys like...
And bullshit! for someone says "you can have a pure friendship with boys, without any love feels inside you both"
I do have one like that and I'll keep it as long as I can
So once again thank you for everything boys!
I really am thank God, grateful, and blessed to have you all in my life! Wish you all will never tired with me, no matter what
I love you all and I know you love me too! =p

Well, sorry I can't make a better or more hilarious tribute for you guys, but I hope you know and understand who and what am I saying here. That's my purpose on writing this...

p.s: It's dedicated for all of the boys in my life and soon I'll make the one for girls too, just stay tune!

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