Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Holiday

a pic before having lunch at restaurant across Marbella

my mum and aunt in front of Marbella's Christmas tree

4 of us at the same place

first toast in 2010!

wonder what it spells? it's 2010

try hard to show some muscle, guys?! LOL

at swimming pool

still, at swimming pool

the princess and her bodyguards =p

pose in front of the beach

I love me in here! =)

show some tattoos!!!

my cousin's eagle tattoo on the back

my 2nd bro's tattoo spell UNDERASS, his nickname

and mine! just some Mehndi on my hand and leg

As you all know I mentioned that I went for New Year holiday on the previous post
guess what?! me and my family went to Marbella, Anyer to spend our New Year's Eve and New Year
we have spent our New Year like twice there, one thing that most attracts us is their awesome fireworks! sorry I didn't take any pic of it, you have to experience it by yourself to feel their greatness...
they were so big, colorful, jaw dropping, and hands clapping for sure!

As you can see above are some of the pics I took when I was there
I chose best of the best to be put in here!
yea, some of them are silly yet funny and of course beautiful! LOL

we had so much fun there!!! though there a fatal trouble like we had to wait for hours and hours to take a bath because they ran out of water due to so many people stayed
should I say crap?! yea, crap!
hopefully there will be no such thing again when we stay there next time

and to answer the most of question asked which is, is my skin tanning or turning into black?
my answer is NO... thanks to sun block!

anyway, since I haven't said any Happy New Year yet, officially on my blog
so I'm gonna make one after this...
see you on the next post!!! =)

(sorry for the kinda vulgar or half naked pics of us! well, maybe some people will think of that)

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