Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Nice Sunday

Last Sunday, 27 December 2009 was a one nice Sunday for me
In the afternoon:
I met my best dude gothicab at MOI, we talked and surprise! he also gave me White Musk from The Body Shop as Christmas present.
That's been my favorite smell and first thing I bought from that gorgeous shop. So, thanks to my best dude, gothicab! =)

In the evening:
My cousin, Wilson Prayoga treated like the whole family to have dinner in Platinum, Puri Indah Mall
we had so much fun there! talking, joking, and laughing...
we spent like hours in that mall, felt like we didn't wanna be separated. LOL

and guess what?! I tried new FroYo that open there, called Angel Fro'z

I bought their favorite two flavors: Sicilian Pistachio (left) and Ruby Red Grape (right)
they are mouth watering right?! LOL
tasted more or less same like any other FroYo spread in Jakarta
but I love the Ruby Red Grape flavor!
one thing, I was like why they didn't name them Green Tea and Strawberry?! because definitely they taste like one! you know, I guess it's marketing strategy, so it attracts more people to buy.
after all, it's worth to try! and It has 30% disc for medium and large size, but I don't know how long it lasts...

anyway, I'll be out of town tomorrow to have New Year's holiday with my family! yaayyy!!
can't wait for the fireworks light up the sky in colors, love them!
but no worries I bring my laptop along with me, they say they have free wifi there.
so hopefully I can update my blog to say Happy New Year to all of you and to post pics I take also to update definitely my tumbrl.

so, stay tune and hopefully you enjoy yours too! =)

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