Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

The famous Sherlock Holmes
In this movie, Holmes is portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. who acting so GREAT!
Despite his brilliant, very logical, and so details way of thinking there's a messy and careless man inside.
But i really love, how he solves a problem! so scientific and logic! he thinks what other people can't think.

Dr. John Watson, the famous Sherlock Holmes partner
I'm so in love with him! In this movie, he's so charismatic, gentleman, very neat, and really a helping hand for Holmes. he's like so loyal and nice!
Jude Law acting so GREAT either! and since I love British man, he is on my eye candy list too!

Irene Adler portrayed by Rachel McAdams
let's say she is Holmes's crush who becomes his competitor now.

Lord Blackwood played by Mark Strong
he is Holmes and Watson's biggest enemy in this movie, source of all the problems.

The ladies gowns on that era is so elegant! with bulging on the backside which is kinda cute.

but I love Mary Morstan more than Irene Adler... she is Watson's fiance. Kelly Reilly is prettier with a classic look than Rachel McAdams.

Based on Wiki, this movie took place in London on 1891, extremely old huh?!
but ever since I've always loved England and every parts of it, especially the accent and the man (LOL) so it really indulges my eyes while watching it. =D
too bad, I couldn't find London in 1891 pics anywhere...
what can I say to describe it? the view is just AWESOME.

I've been dreaming to go back there again someday. It's been 9 years since I visited it for the first time. Aww, talking about it makes me wanna go there even more!
Maybe one day, when I get a chance to. Crossing my fingers!

Anyway, my favorite parts of the movie are whenever, wherever, and however Holmes and Watson are arguing.
So funny and silly!
They're like best friends for life! being a helping hand, a reminder, a protector and complete each other.
Surely they can't leave without even thinking to one another.

Well, I'm not blabbering about this movie anymore for now because I know I won't be a spoiler for some of my friends who haven't watched it yet.

After all, this movie is an AWESOMENESS.
Two thumbs up for Guy Ritchie as the director and for all of the casts.
Really worth to watch!!! for more about this movie, click IMDB.

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