Monday, January 18, 2010


The main characters

One of the scenes at episode 1

Glee casts

OMG! They won Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical
Yaayyy!!! They really deserve it!!! Soo happy!!! =D

The girls main characters at Golden Globe Awards 2010

First of all, I wanna say sorry to all of you guys my blog reader for the lack of updating
It's been like a week since my last posting, ew!

Back to this post again, so yea, lately I've been in love with this TV series
It's about from zero to hero, from nothing to something
They're hilarious, great voices, and not to mention great story!
It really is worth to watch!

Too bad, I've only watched 3 episodes of them
And now I'm longing so bad to watch the next episodes, euh... =(
Hopefully I can as soon as possible!

Anyway, congratz for all of the casts and also for the director for winning a Golden Globe award, like you can see on pic above... salute!!! =D

stay tune for my upcoming posts... =)

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