Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm Officially a Gleek

singing Keep Holding On

singing True Colors

when they're sneakily jamming together

singing Imagine with deaf students

singing Lean On Me
I cried at this moment
See? Glee not only can make you LOL-ing but touched and cry also

Above are pictures of some my favorite scenes of Glee season 1

I guess like I named this post, I'm officially a Gleek now!
You know, Gleek is the name of a Glee Freak
As I finished watching Glee season 1, I believe this TV series is HUGE

Each every one of them are not only acting but singing beautifully also
It's like they can sing any song!
They're GREAT, AMAZING, AWESOME, BEST, any other compliment word? you name it!
Maybe I'm overrated but they deserve it!

I do really really love songs they sing even more the original ones
What amaze me more? That they are totally different personalities when they're singing together
All the problems they have outside singing go away when they're like jamming as one
Love their solidarity and compactness!

The stupid Finn, the bossy Rachel, the queen bee Quinn, the handicapped Artie, the bad boy Puck, the stutter Tina, and so on complete each other
They really make this thing GOOD

It makes me imagine that Bio 07 can have a choir like theirs
It must be cool! Singing and dancing like them. LOL

Few things I just realized here is
Quinn is a very beautiful girl,
Artie is a very nice and kinda cute (in real life) boy, and
Mike is a very good dancer
Mr. Schue can do dances too
Which is all COOL!

If you ask me which team I'm in?
I'd say I'm team Puck for now
Okay, he's the real playboy and kinda bad
But hey, I guess this is one of my weaknesses I'm always smitten by bad boy charm :p
And definitely his song Sweet Caroline keeps playing on my mind

Who doesn't want to be sung with guitar playing from him?
And his body is so HOT! :d

Just can't wait for the upcoming season!
Please FOX broadcasts it ASAP!

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  1. well, well, well, being Gleek is fine as long as you doesnt lose the L and officially become a geek LOL.


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