Monday, February 22, 2010

Nail Obsession

aren't they gorgeous?!

Can I have those nails???

I've been longing to have the nude ones (3 pics from above)

And those nail art are fabulous too, rite?! There's even Spongebob! But my favorite one is on the lowermost, it's kinda lacey and that makes it vintage yet beautiful!

But still, my all time favorite is bright and bold colors! Like pink and yellow above...

Too bad, I don't wear nail polish on my finger nail. Here's the deal: I can't polish it by myself, it is really hard you know especially when you polish your nail using your left hand. Makes me go emotionally angry! Ew! Besides I'm a nail bitter, so I guess it doesn't take long for me to show off my cute nail polish before it's abnormally deform.

Anyway, thanks to Words for The Bumblebees for the inspiration!
She has the credit! =)


  1. keren bee.. g suka yg gambar kedua, warna pink gambar bunga, sm yg paling terakhir.. qta ke nail art aja yukk, haha


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