Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Episodes Are Coming!!!

So, I'm way too excited not to tell you guys...
That Gossip Girl (GG) season 3 and 90210 season 2 have episodes back to back
Everybody says "Yaaayyy!!!" =D
But for me GG has a lot more interesting new episodes than 90210's
Well, forgive me if I'm being unfair but one at a time, right?! =p

There are 2 episodes already, 13 and 14 same like 90210 has
Now, I'm gonna share some episode scenes of GG below, I'm not gonna be spoiler by telling you what is it all about but definitely these episodes are about finding Chuck's lost mother and hook-ups (I'd like to say exchange partner which happens so often in GG)
Some of them are too sexy and too hot to be seen, so kids (or underage) close your eyes! LOL
Here they are:

Now, girls say "AWWW!!" Can't stand this hotness, huh?!
Chace Crawford a.k.a Nate Archibald always success captivating girls with everything he has =d
He is really too remarkable to be forgotten in every girl's mind!

My most favorite part is looking Nate and Serena back dating
They both are so cute and so sweet together!

I really can't wait for those upcoming episodes!
So curious!
And yea makes me even want more and more of them!

Like I've said before, I didn't mean to be a spoiler alert for you guys
Well if I did, I'm sorry... You guys should have known my feeling which already attached to this addictive TV series when I see their new episodes are back!
Just wanna share some happiness, tho =p

So yea, Catch you guys in my upcoming posts... =)

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