Saturday, April 3, 2010


First of all, I'm sorry for lack of my blog updating here
Been M.I.A for days because a bunch of papers that need to be done, ew!

So, there are things I wanna share you now as you can see below:

Earth Hour, 27 March 2010
I only posted the after photos because it would be too much if I posted all of the before and after. For more about these amazing Earth Hour photos around the world visit
They really have breath taking photos, there you can see those photos fade when you click them! I took photos below from that web too!

Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada

Before and After: Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ion Orchard, Orchard Road, S'pore

Bird's Nest National Stadium, Beijing, China

Sydney skyline, Sydney, Oz

Bundaran Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

The hill of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece

The Empire State Building, NYC, New York

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

See?! How amazing they are?! They really showing that they care about Earth and all living things within.
Turn off the light, light on the Earth =)


I spend this weekend by:
  • Watching Clash of The Titans
  • Go to church on Good Friday
  • Reading novel: Baby Proposal
I watched this on Thursday noon with my campus friends
For me, the story was so so but the action was good
This movie kinda open my eyes about the gods of Greece and history behind them
Well, I love Io for sure! She was sooo beautiful, her skin is flawless like porcelain, whoa!
Her real name is Gemma Arterton and I didn't thought she's only 23 y.o
No offense but she looks older than that LOL
Over all, this movie is worth to watch tho...

Lastly, I just finished reading this novel
Been longing to have it since I first saw and read the synopsis at Gramedia,
that's why I'm so happy that I can have it
Thanks boy ;)
Moreover, I'm right! This novel is great!
Love the character, love the plot, and love how it's twisted
Thank God I rarely have wrong feeling when it comes to novel that I want to read =D
It's a very girly girl story, that's all I can say
Sooo... you girls should read it! And see your heart are gonna be aflutter too like mine! LOL

Anyway, I'm already blabbering too much here
See ya in the next upcoming posts! =)

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