Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice In Wonderland (2010)

Alice and White Rabbit

Mad Hatter and Absolem

Tweedledee Tweedledum, White Queen, and Red Queen

This evening I watched Alice In Wonderland (not 3D)
It was kinda entertaining enough but the story was so so
But I love almost every characters in it, they have their own uniqueness and very distinctive eccentric style
Like the so wise Absolem,
the real mad Mad Hatter,
the calm and seductive Chesire Cat,
the dramatic White Queen,
the sadistic Red Queen,
and so on...
after all it's worth enough to watch though

But what made it more interesting is I watched it with my old pal, Niko
he's my high school boy friend, different major of course
Finally, yea finally we got a chance to hang out together
after like we have planned it since times ago
Thank God for that! =)

I was like afraid there would be an awkwardness because the fact that me and him haven't caught for like a long time
But that is totally wrong!
Nothing awkward, no moment of silence (almost), nothing weird at all
He's still funny yet crazy!
We were like mocking and laughing all the way
One thing different from him is his body is getting bigger, I mean taller and well built
His tall is more or less like my oldest bro's, so tall huh?!
Makes me look so small when I walk next to him, too bad I don't have cute enough high heels to balance it LOL

I guess I better keep the details for myself or this good times memory would vanish soon =p

Hanging out with him, makes me realize I should hang around more often with my old beloved friends. Miss them so!

So, yea I really enjoyed tonight and I'm looking forward to watch any other movie in cinema with him again...
Thanks so much demuzz (for the ride and the time) =D

movie poster source: realmovienews

and I'd like to call it hanging around rather than dating, it means less intimate you know :p

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  1. whoaaa... I know the guy you're talking about hahahaha.. btw I CANT WAIT TO WATCH this movie. and of course I'll watch it in 3D :D


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