Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 Days, 2 Sandals

Victim: 1st sandal (YK)
Injury: broken on right one
Caused: being stepped by unknown
Date: Monday, 1 March 2010
Location: pedestrian walk for crossing across Times, UPH
Eyewitnesses: Yunita, Saputra, Juan, Dicki, and Sendy

Victim: 2nd sandal (no brand)
Injury: broken on left one
Caused: Aaron already prayed for it to happen (thank him for that! =p) but I believe it's just coincidence
Date: Tuesday, 2 March 2010
Location: Lippo Karawaci Mall parking area
Eyewitnesses: Aaron, Saputra, Dicki, Erick, and Sinatra plus Sendy and Alice who came later

You see them right! 2 days in a row, I broke my 2 pairs of sandals
It's like I'm being cursed or something but hell no! I believe it was just purely accident
Maybe those two were not suitable anymore to be worn of
I'm just the one who didn't notice about it

Well, but I really am thankful for all of my friends who were at the location when that moment happened
Yup! Those eyewitnesses are my kind-hearted friends, class mates to be exact
They are so thoughtful yet funny in the same way LOL
I give the credit to all of you guys!
Especially for Saputra who walked to the parking area to take his sandals from his car and lend it to me. Thanks man! =) Just don't blame me if I break yours =p
Can't believe if I was alone when such situation happened. Ew!

Surely I'm touched with all of you guys nice act =)
Maybe I'm overrated but I even love to say thank you to you all, because yea you guys deserve that
Now I can see clearer what friends are for, it makes me feel important in front of your eyes guys

See the positive side yet?
It means I can have new sandals! Yay!
I already bought it today, thanks to my understanding Mom
Just please don't break again dear sandals
Crossing my fingers so it won't happen again!

This is gonna be one of the most unforgettable moments in my life
Hard to believe but either I like it or not, it's true after all...

So from now, I accept whoever wanna buy me new pair of sandals *wink2

This is it
Stay tune for my upcoming post you all! =)

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  1. looking forward to you new sandals,haha
    make sure to bring backup sandals, lol


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