Sunday, July 4, 2010


I watched this movie last Saturday at Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan (it was the coolest XXI for now, I guess)

IMO, the 3rd one of Twilight Saga is just so so
I love what's written on the novel more than the movie
It's more intense and makes me more curious
Maybe because you need to let your imagine goes free when you're reading a book

More over, I kinda disappointed that Xavier Samuel vampire version isn't as hot as in his daily life =(
The vampire appearance makes him looks a lot older than he is
And oh, the fighting between the newborn vampire, Cullen clan, and the werewolves I was like "that's it?! with my eyebrows raised" when Edward succeed to kill Victoria

But what I love in this movie is the new Victoria!
Bryce Dallas Howard is so beautiful there! Like a porcelain doll, flawless!
One thing touched me is when Renee gives Bella a blanket created from their old T's, so thoughtful and unique! =D

Well, after all this movie is worth watching
I just can't wait for Breaking Dawn! Esp. the Bella giving birth and transforming scenes!

Anyway, I found this when I was looking for Eclipse official movie poster
It's a fan made an makes me like Ew! and laughing at once =p
I bet you do too! LOL

Until my next posts y'all!

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