Friday, August 6, 2010

Watch and Eat

So sorry for the absent of me in blogging world guys
It's been a busy month because of my internship
Now, after it finished finally yeah finally I have my blogging time again =D
Actually, I'm trying to enjoy my few days of holidays left
I'm gonna make the most of it! Haha...

Well, starting from yesterday I watched this movie
And I think it was so so
Just a lot of people doing tai chi and many Indian in it maybe because the director is an Indian
(no offense) =P
But surely it has a great effect, after all it kinda worth to watch for
Let's see if the sequel will be better than the first one or not

Yesterday, I also spared my time to try the old and famous Japanese restaurant that just opened within a month at Jakarta, Indonesia called Yoshinoya
I bought its Beef Bowl set which contains Regular Beef Bowl, tempura, miso soup, somewhat fries, and ocha (free flow)
How cool is that! I almost drooling while I type this thing :d

The regular beef bowl
The beef is so yummy! Better than any other Japanese bento restaurant, I guess

Its set
Love the tempura and miso soup also!

You've to try this, no doubt about it!
Hopefully they open their branch in other places soon, a.s.a.p
Not to mention, the price is also reachable

So I've to end this here folks. See ya on my next posts! =)

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