Monday, August 23, 2010

Facing Changes

Do you afraid of change?

Most people will say yes...
We're already way too comfort in our zone even to get just a step out of it
We tend to make friends or gather around with person that share common with us
Person who connects with us easily so we can talk like almost everything without being judged

Based on what I'm thinking there are reasons why:
Because basically human being doesn't like to try
Because basically human being are afraid to be different
Because basically human being are too shy to be unique and stand out the crowd
Because basically human being are easily satisfied
Because basically human being are not a risk taker
Because basically human being are too attached with what people think or say about
Because basically human being fear to get judged
Because basically human being doesn't stay true to themselves
Let me simplify in one word, because we (human being) are afraid of change

It is very common, natural, and normal
Like people out there say, the worst regret is the risk you didn't take
or in other sentence an opportunity doesn't come twice (well, in special term it does) but normally it comes only one and when you waste it in vain, you'll face regret

If you want to grow and develop, take risk, don't get rotten (ew!) in your comfort zone
Don't be driven on what people say or think about yourself especially when they talk behind your back
It only makes you feel alone, self-centered, and nothing is right
Close your ears (just not too tightly because later you can't hear any compliment too =P)
This is your life, you are the one who have the right to decide, and they have nothing to do about it or worse to tell you what to do
Clearly they're not your creator who deserve your fully obedient and serve
When you do have opinion, don't just surrender but speak up and fight for it
Each and everyone of you are unique, so stay true to yourself
We should complete each other in a good way, instead
Just remember, it is okay to be different

Person who can't take you as who you are will leave you sooner or later
When they are leaving, don't think anything bad about yourself or being sensitive about it
It is not worth it
What do we need to make ourselves feel bad when the problem is on them?
Just cut it out and think it is their loss

People who love for who you are and God who loves you unconditionally are still with you
That what matters the most

In the end, we can see who our true friend is
Don't make the day that you should have to change be the day that you'll regret someday

If you do realize, everything will change finally
Maybe at first you are not used to it, maybe you'll cry, maybe you'll feel left behind, and so on
But later you are going to be thankful you change you before anything or anyone changes you

Why am I saying all of this thing???
Just a random thought actually
Don't believe it??? Well, my life experience teach me about this so far
Yes I'm so frightened about changes, I've been living my comfort zone for all of this time
I'm sure it happens to everyone, that's why I'm sharing it now

As I'm speaking, I encourage you to grow and develop by changing
Speak is easy, yeah I know
To do is difficult
But why don't we change our perception that changing is easy?!

Step out of your comfort zone
No matter how many step you take
No matter how far you change
The most important is you do
Because every step and change counts

So, change before anything changes you! =)

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