Friday, August 13, 2010

On The Set

Blake Lively a.k.a Serena Van Der Woodsen

This one is my favorite above what I posted in here!
Love the color so much!

What I admire the most from Blake Lively is like whatever looks good on her plus her gorgeous body and great legs, seems never makes her outfit goes wrong
Not to mention, her flawless pretty face and bubbly personality
It's like a whole complete package for a girl who guys dream of!
I can say I'm really envy of her!

Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf

And for Leighton Meester, her small but incredible body to wear cute outfits isn't as any less beautiful as Blake's
Her beautifully classic face also match her lady like style

But honestly I like Blake's style more (no offense guys)

The BFF:

Hmmm... I'm sure they're tasting Laduree the most famous Macaroon in France =9

Love all of theire 3 outfits here!!!

Above are Blake and Leighton on the set of Gossip Girl

So yes, you hear it right folks!
Gossip Girl already reached their 4th season and they're coming to town in just matter of time
Like Santa Claus who has been waited by kids, these casts and the story also has been waited by girls (especially the ones like me, who addicted to it) haha

I'm extremely excited for this season because as you can see their wardrobe are getting more incredible! Thumbs up (many) for Eric Daman!
And I'm sure if the story is gonna be boring or flatter, to just see the girls and the boys in here will be enough
We're already being indulged by their pretty faces and amazing wardrobe actually, so far

No doubt at all,
This is exactly one of TV series that I've been waiting for like again!

For more pics you can click JustJared

Well, just like I've said it many times before:
See ya on my upcoming posts guys! =)

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