Sunday, August 8, 2010


Look at his abs! So HOT! Who doesn't melt? LOL

Just 2 days after I watched The Last Airbender (you can see on my previous post)
I watched Killers yesterday, yaaayy! at Senayan City XXI
It was a hectic Sat nite at Senci yesterday, whoa!
Lucky us, we got movie tickets although we've to wait for hours to finally come in to the cinema

At first I was like confused which to watch between Salt and this one
But my heart wants Killers! haha and yea just like I wish for I got what I want =D
This movie was funny (especially when Spencer said that English isn't his mother tongue language, I was like LOL-ing) and kinda unpredictable
I love it!!!

And what made it better I was accompanied with my friends:
Niko: I already told you on my Alice In Wonderland post,
Jeremy: my long lost kindergarten friend, couldn't believe we finally met again yesterday after years and years haven't caught up, he's actually Niko's elementary friend (world is so narrow huh?) I can say he's way funnier now haha and already graduated which he often boastful about
and a new girl friend named Beby: she's actually Jeremy's friend at church but now she's a friend of mine too, she's a nice girl and pretty (nice meeting you girl)

Thanks for accompanying me guys!
We should catch up again someday =D

Well, I know I've been posting about too many watching movie this and that
But hey, do you have any idea what a holiday spender like me can do to spend holiday in a more exciting way? Besides I don't have any much holiday left, only a week or few days more I guess

Hopefully I find a way better thing to do to spend my few days more holiday, when I do, I promise to write asap about that thing

So see ya folks on my upcoming posts (which is soon I guess) =D

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