Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Than 20

Yup! It's 18 September 2010 means that 21 year ago I was born in this world
Happy B'day To Me!!!
Can't believe I'm already 21 this year, suddenly feel like an old hahaha

Do you wanna see my wish list? Promise I'm gonna keep it simple and clean slate. Here they go!
  • Growing more and closer to God, it is an absolute!Including no absent in reading Upper Room anymore!
  • Be a bless for everybody around me
  • Loving my parents, brothers, big fam, and friends more
  • Be more mature, well I know I'm not a teenager anymore :P
  • Stop being a procrastinator a.k.a be more diligent
  • Be more confident, this is what a girl needs for sure!
  • Do exercise! This is a must even I need to force myself to
  • Living a more healthy life geez...
  • Help people in need more
  • Stop being consumptive
I guess those are the major ones, I forgot the minority wishes or maybe that's all

Now the thank yous I wanna say to first of all of course my God... Thanks for giving me another year and for Your unconditional love which always be there for me. Love you dear God
And then I wanna thank you to you all! Who had or has been a part of my life. Realize it or not, I'm now because of you all too =)

But, I guess what makes me happy lately is I can help my mom through this no-maid time
I learned a lot of things and I do it for the first time in my life
Okei, outside maybe I grumpy often but inside there's such happy feeling that says "wow, bee you're such a helping hand!"
From don't know anything now I know things in my house how to do this and that. I know it might sounds little for you, because I just can do basic things only but it is a real progress for me.

Even a bunch of assignments are in front of my eyes waiting to be done but pls pls let me put them aside on my precious day, today teehe...
But yeah, you know me, they're still haunting on my mind tho, won't go anywhere :(

Once again, thank you for the b'day wishes guys! Really appreciate it! My b'day won't be completed without wishes from you, I'm sure.

And hopefully I get a great one this year!

Well, it is already passed midnite
I guess I need to stop talking here and now it's your turn to give me gift! Hahaha...

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