Monday, October 25, 2010

21st B'day Celebration

The b'day girl =)

Me and my family

When they're celebrating it, they lit fireworks plugged onto a coconut as they're singing happy birthday song (yup, that popular one)

I know this is so last year...
But it's like I'd still have a burden if I didn't post about it

Well, as you can see from pic above me and my family celebrated my 21st b'day at Bandar Jakarta, Serpong
Which happened more than a month ago (now, I even more realize it is so last year haha)
It was a nice Saturday night with great food around fulfilling our tummies
Yeah, it was crowded and we had to wait for our table prepared for like 15 minutes or so but we do really love the atmosphere there
Not to mention, the food (almost all of them) are great also! Oopsie! I'm drooling :9
And oh one more thing, they celebrated your b'day also like mine, with a mug as a souvenir will be given to you

I guess that's is a quick post about my "coming back" from my more than a month hiatus
It's all because a bunch of head-full assignments, sigh...
Feel like I'm a newbie again here (wait, when do I become an expert tho? hahaha)
Thank God, I don't forget how to blog
So, what can I say beside asking an apology from all of you guys my blog reader
Promise no more hiatus again and believe me... I won't stop blogging
Not now, not ever

Until my next post folks! =)

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