Friday, September 3, 2010

Letters To God

Ben, Sam, and Tyler

Like I said yesterday on my twitter, I'm gonna post about movie that I watched so here it is!

This movie is called Letters To God
You know what, I really am into it!
It's so incredible to see a 8 year old boy suffering aggressive brain cancer makes everybody who reads his letters to God who have turn away from God back and have faith in Him again.

I wanna be like Tyler (okay, minus the cancer) who can be a bless, a light for people around not only his family but also foreign (like the nice post man)
I'm sure the feeling is gonna be beyond words!!!

There are also some scenes that becomes my favorite:
When Maddy tell Tyler how much she love him at his room
When Mr. Perryfield explain to Tyler why his friends at school making fun at him because in fact he is a God's warrior
When Braddy chit chat to his Boss in front of church at night (I really like the gesture!)

Well, many thumbs up for the producer to make such a story like his previous movie (Fireproof and Facing The Giants)
I'm waiting for another movie from him, for sure!

That's why from now on I encourage you to watch this such a really inspiring, heart breaking, moving, and touching movie
You're gonna fall in love even more with God!

Enough being spoiler I guess
This one is really a fully recommended movie
Hope you enjoy and cried (like me :P)!

And o yeah, I just knew it is based on true story in the end of the movie
So I guess it is a plus value, what can you ask for more?!
Go grab and watch it a.s.a.p!!! :D

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