Monday, September 13, 2010

MTV VMA 2010

Yes! MTV VMA 2010 happened today, this morning to be exact
Time flies so fast right? Since Kanye West stole the moment of Taylor Swift, it' been a year already. But we still remember it clearly, how the look on Taylor's Swift and what Kanye said.

So, like what I do as usual pick the best dress (randomly) based on my opinion here they go:

Selena Gomez

Kristin Prout

Katy Perry

Look! She even painted her fiance, Russel Brand on her nails. So sweet! XD
Not to mention, they began dating at MTV VMA 2009 so it's like they celebrated their 1st year anniversary!

Ashley Greene

Victoria Justice

Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth

You know what, who is the champion of the night?!
It's the eccentric Lady Gaga!!! She got 4 trophies... Wow!
Not to mention she changed her gown, not only once but 3 times during the show

And the most outrageous is this one, Meat Gown!
I wonder if it is for real or not...

There was performance from Taylor Swift also
She sang her new song, called You're Just An Innocent which is directly pointed to Kanye West
Hmm... I guess they both are not over each other yet

Last but not least, I found this sweet thingy
JB is being kissed by Rihanna and Katy Perry
Awww!!! Now, who doesn't love him more???
He's sweet and seriously talented singer! XD

Oh, anyway congratulations for all the winner!!! =D
Check it here to see who got the moonman
But let me just be honest, I like the last year show more than this one. It's like the hype isn't as much as last year's. I don't know it's like something missing... Haha

Well, enough said I guess
Meet y'all on my next posts! =)

Pic source: MTV and JustJared

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