Sunday, January 1, 2012


In this 1st post of 2012... I'm gonna say, well... I know it's kinda late to say it but I still can hear fireworks are exploding out there in the sky so I guess it's not that late tho. Better late than never...

Yes! That's what I wanna say guys "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!"
It's been quite a roller coaster ride for me in 2011 but somehow I get this feeling that say 2012 is gonna be better in every aspects in my life! Even though I don't know what God plan is for me and my family in this year but still *fingers crossed. One thing that I know God's plan is always the best for His children. Amen!

Anyway, I wish u guys a great year ahead! Keep the faith and always put God first, which is so important. He already blessed and accompanied us through 2011 so I'm sure He is always by our side too in this year and forever.

You know what guys?! There are a lot of my wishes in 2012 and lucky me, I have 2 of them in images. Here they are:

But my #1 wish is definitely TO GET A JOB with suitable job desc and salary (of course!). Like. Seriously. Can't be a jobless throughout the year anymore. I've been there and done that in the past 6 months on 2011 and I really really hope it can't be happening again to me! *pray to God (solemnly). It's so hard to be a Biology graduate in here. Sigh... But I know somewhere out there God is helping me sorting the best job for me, ever. Hahaha... 

Well, I guess I need to close this post down right away. It's closed with my photo, like it's never been done before. Once again, break a leg in 2012 guys! See you in my next posts! :D

Grand Olimo Restaurant, Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta 2011

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