Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Non-Expected Reunion

You wanna know why I titled this post like that?
So, lemme start from here... Two days ago, my high school boy friend, Martin's mom died because of heart attack in her sleep. So, me and my other high school friends decided to go to funeral home where his mom is placed for the last time on earth. We were all deeply sorry, mourned and also consoled Martin in hoping he will always be tough for himself and his family, because you know it was heart attack, always come suddenly. Death means physically forever farewell and I'm sure everybody hates it but the loved ones who leave us will always stay in our heart forever.

The meeting of these high school friends turned out to be a reunion, the one which is non-expected. Because we usually are busy with our own things since we've graduated from high school and choose our own separate ways. The laughter, jokes, silly talks and all burst out on our way to funeral home, at the funeral home (even though we had to keep it down) and of course on our way home.

We departed from Dinda's house at 07.30 pm, stopped by Rumah Makan Sederhana to buy Nasi Padang for Martin, arrived at funeral home at 9 pm, took us half an hour chit chat and then we left. So, it was 10.30 pm and we haven't had anything for dinner! I guess our stomach bloated already at that time. As Rico's suggestion we stopped at FoodHall Bellezza to fill our stomach with super late dinner. Finally! :D

You guys know what is forbidden to forget when we gather around? Yes, it is taking pictures!
So, we took some pictures with my camera digital. Sorry for the blurriness :(
Here they are a few of them:

I'm not gonna mention any names, sorry but I guess it's unimportant for you to know :P
Well, that's it my quick post today! Hope you guys enjoy it!
For more photos, please visit my Facebook and search for it!

Until we meet again friends! :D

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