Saturday, June 2, 2012

Please Come Fast!

You guys must be wondering what's the meaning of the title? But cast away your question mark in your head aside and do please enjoy the rest of this post. Starts now!

No, it's not my laptop or even my bedroom. But just imagine me lying on bed with pillows as my back rest, eyes focusing on laptop alone at night. Yup, that's how I spend my nights almost everyday watching TV series or maybe in my case Laptop series. Because I downloaded it in the afternoon and watch it at night

Still don't get the point? I wrote the title like it is, well, because those TV series have reached their finale season last week (some few weeks ago) and will begin again on Fall (September) which is 3-4 months more from now. Phew... So, I'm saying that Fall season or September please come fast! I hear you say "ahhh I see..."

In the mean time, I wanna share you all of TV series that I'm keeping up with, plus the positive and negative sides from my point of view.There you go in alphabetical order:

(+): the story plot can happen in real life, (-): changing partner seems too easily

(+): unpredictable and pretty scary, (-): sometimes it shocks me 

(+): the twist is pretty intense and the view is great, (-): the vocabulary which sometimes I don't understand

(+): my #1 TV series favorite! Love to see they cover songs and their friendship, (-): none so far

(+): Emily is so cunning and independent, (-): sometimes there are too many villains

(+): the epic love romance between Elena and Stefan which never dies, (-): changing partner seems pretty easy

(+): the curiosity about their safety and the zombie makeup are amazing!, (-): the intrigue among them sometimes peeved me

Those are all TV series that I follow currently and I'm not sure when exactly they're back. As far as I browse on Google, it says on Fall or September. Really can't wait! 

But this post isn't finish yet because I'm gonna tell you what TV series that I stop followed including the reason, also in alphabetical order, there you go:

I've finished watching first season and I decided not to watch the second season. I just don't like the idea of a vampire, a werewolf and a witch live in a house together. They're practically enemies, so how come?

I stop watching it in the middle of forth season because IMO the story plot becomes way too complicated, people from here and there are keep coming and suddenly they just gone. It repeats again and again.

My reason for this is kinda silly haha... I stop watching it because I simply don't have time to keep up with the episodes. I lost it on third season and it begins its fifth season in this month, pretty much for me to catch up and I don't think I can't. Kinda sad tho because it's a one good vampire TV series

So, that's all I can write and share to you about my TV series. Come on, I'd like to hear from you too, maybe you're a TV series freak just like me hahaha... or you don't watch even a single one instead. I usually download them from awesomedl and if you need guide here is They both are very reliable sources!

Anyway, it's already passed midnight and I gotta go to sleep. My bad to lost track of time every time I'm blogging. Piece of fact, it took me 2 half an hour to finish this one. I started at June 1 and finished it at June 2 haha...
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Until my upcoming posts guys!

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  1. i watch glee, revenge & gossip girl too!

    this 3-4 months waiting is killing me :(

    can't wait for the next season!

    1. Thank you for your comment Eisha. I know the feeling, I miss them so much already! :(


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