Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo Artsy

 Some or maybe all of you don't know if I'm interested in photography. Oh, yes I am! Actually, it develops from my fondness of vintage-y things. So, you can guess already what kind of photography that I love. Yup, it's everything under category vintage, nature, flower, landscape, surreal and animals.  

Mr. 'Stache by DreamyPhoto
Few days ago, I stumbled on Etsy Fine Art Photography and it turns out every pictures of them are breath-taking. Like I was choked up by excitement, I'm automatically add it in my favorite every time I see ones that I like. There are so many I can't help it until I've to stop on page 5 or there will be too much to post. I'm having dilemma already which one to choose. 

So, here I'm gladly to share to you my most favorite (including the above one):

Portobello Road in London on a Quiet and Foggy Morning by EyePoetryPhotography

Canada Geese, Melton Hill Lake 2012 by NicholasBellPhoto

TTV Flowers by bomobob

Reindeer by sparksoffire

Beach photo set by BeachBumChix

Forest for The Trees by CarlChristensen

Pacific Park, Santa Monica by urbandreamphotos

Paris in Red by TheParisPrintShop

Calendar Print Zodiac Gift Summer by goldensection

Popsicle Print Beach Art by SeptemberWren

Pink Carnations by BLintonPhotography

xoxo by ZoeWithLove

How is it guys? Do you like one or maybe all of them either? *high five*. You know what's great about them? They make you feel like as if you were there, in the picture too. Well, I don't know about you but I do feel that way. 

I can tell that Etsy is an amazing source to find so many great quality photos besides other well-known sources, oh you can buy them too directly from the owner.

So, I guess the last picture say the ending pretty much haha... Until my upcoming post guys!


  1. Nice post Sab, love all the pictures! (:

  2. thank you phang! Miss your blog update tho :)


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