Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hey guys, I'm back after been busy for past few days! Well, I'm pretty sure you guys know that I love something cute and adorable right? Now, I'm gonna share something about it

So, like few years ago, I was stumbled on this cute Disney character image while I was browsing cool pictures on weheartit. I clicked the link below the image and then I connected automatically to this Flickr belongs to Jerrod Maruyama.

 According to his profile that he put, he's a freelance illustrator specializing in character designs and all things cute. He earned his amazing skills from San Jose State University as BS Degree in Illustration. That's pretty much tell about who he is. But, too bad I can't find any picture of himself, I've googled like everywhere all that I can find is only his biography. I'd love to include his photo in this post though...

I can tell from his portfolio, he loves to redraw some characters and transform them into much cuter version. They're super amazing! Well, maybe just maybe... he thinks that he want to be known by his pieces not by his personal appearance, which I'm about to share to you all... It's like I feel so lucky to find these oh-so-adorable pictures randomly. So, prepare yourself to be Kawaii-ed!

Mickey Minnie

Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Ariel (Disney Princesses)

Queen of Hearts, Cruella de Vil and Maleficent (Disney Villains)

The Avengers, Hellboy, Toy Story, Harry Potter and Tin Tin

Star Wars

Chip & Dale, Piglet & Pooh, Charlie Brown, Coraline and Pinocchio

Nicki Minaj, Anna Wintour, Madonna, Donald Trump aand Oprah

Those all pictures that mark how awesome Jerrod Maruyama's skill is. I can't put all of his works here because there are too many. In fact, I had dilemma to choose which characters to be put on this post because all of them are greatly cute! That's why I created collage using Picture2Life, it's a nice and user friendly photo editor website. A lot of photo collage template that you can choose!

As you can see on last picture, Jerrod Maruyama doesn't always do characters but famous public figures also which is adding the cuteness more. 

If you wanna see more of his works or portfolio click Jerrod Maruyama website, Jerrod Maruyama Flickr, Dribble, Casa Kawaii by Jerrod Maruyama and Creativeshake

So, that's all about today's post. Hope you screaming "awww... so cute!" as much as I do whenever I see one of those pictures. Until my upcoming posts, guys!

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