Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Real DiSastr

Who doesn't know Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo or Dian Sastro for short? I'm sure everybody here in Indonesia knows her. She first began her career by portraying Cinta, the main female character on Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC). That movie arguably brings her as the one we all know now...

Well, I'm not gonna post about her biography from back then until now but I'm gonna share to you about how far she becomes which is marked by the event happened last week, mainly about her fashion. So, keep reading guys! 
Last week on 16-27 May 2012, Festival de Cannes took place of course at Cannes, France. It's been said as one of the most prestigious film awards in the world. And you know what guys, Dian Sastro was chosen to be the "Brand Ambassador of L'Oreal Paris" from Indonesia and the first  Brand Ambassador who comes from South East Asia. Yup, the same Dian Sastro that I told you earlier!

In order to that, she is provided with gorgeous gowns tailored by three Indonesian famous designer: Sebastian Gunawan, Eddy Betty and Didit Hediprasetyo. Click fashionesedaily for more info, story and right reasons why Dian Sastro is the right ambassador for Cannes Film Festival. It's a great article! 

So, here all those stunning gowns that she wore during the Festival:

Dian Sastro in Ghea Dress

Dian Sastro in Ghea Dress

Dian Sastro in Stella Rissa

Dian Sastro in Didit Hediprasetyo

Dian Sastro in Eddy Betty

Dian Sastro in Sebastian Gunawan

Dian Sastro in Didit Hediprasetyo

Dian Sastro in Didit Hediprasetyo

Dian Sastro in Didit Hediprasetyo

Look at it, she appeared on Cannes Gazette same as beautiful as any other L'Oreal Brand Ambassador, if not more!

Dian Sastro and Robert Pattinson, Cannes 2012
OMG right?! How lucky she is can took a picture with the girls' heart-rob?! Or instead Robert Pattinson is the one who lucky? Hahaha...

Which one is your favorite look of her? I guess mine is the one when she's standing on the red carpet like a goddess. One thing for sure, she nailed all of the dresses. She owned the moment, all of them! Can you believe she's a mother with a boy and she's 30 now?! 

She's a proof that an Asian beauty is no less than Western beauty. Honestly, she's my most favorite Indonesian actress. That's truth to be told. For me, she's not just @therealDiSastr but she's also the real 3Bs: brain, beauty and behavior. Aren't you agree with me? I'm proud of her so I guess you guys should feel the same too!

Oh, I'm sorry I couldn't mention the location when she wear this and that dress in details. Browsing all of these pictures themselves are time consuming already

I guess that's all of the info and photos I could collect and share to you guys. See ya on my upcoming posts! Don't forget to comment and follow! :)

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