Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well, it's been 10 days since I posted on this blog I know it's kinda a bad news and I don't want to justify myself for the lack of inspiration but just so you know, there IS much more than that. Where should I start? First of all, this post is gonna be a short one because I just wanna tell you about how I'm doing lately

Last week has been a chaos and and exhausted one for me and my family. I really wanna tell you what's all about, believe me, I do but sorry I have to respect my parents's decision to not tell everybody, especially in public, yet. At least, after we settle (again)

Nahhh, don't worry it's not a bad nor a good news. It's not that bad or not that good one either, it's just so so I guess. But I can tell that apart from what it looks like on the outside, we're (read: me & my family) pretty excited you know. Of course we need to adapt, we're trying hard adapting but we think of it as a challenge and we can't wait to see what will happen in the future

Like I said, it's hard to adapt because we need to think outside of the box and we need to go out from our comfort zone also our dailies. The situation also be followed by things that don't always go in our way like we have to leave our seems to be like very comforting old-life

It won't be the same anymore but I'm sure everything it's gonna be alright in the end. I might not have a perfect life but I'm still very very grateful to my Lord that I'm still here safe and sound, I've my great family surrounding and loving me, my lovable friends who always be there, a house that protects me and my family every day and night yet my basic needs are fulfilled day by day

All that still missing is a job. I'm still a jobless, which sucks and I've been caught diarrhea since 2 days ago (double sucks). Would you guys pray for me for those two problem I have in my life? Many thanks in advance :) But anyway, what can I say? Everybody out there are fighting their life too, none of them are problem-free after all. Just enjoy the ride of your life, like I do *wink*

That's all I can tell you about in the moment, hope I'm not being too absurd or obvious instead. See you on my next upcoming posts guys!


  1. Don't worry Sab! Life is fun, just be positive and you'll be alright.
    Jobless bukan berarti gak potential dalam mendapatkan pekerjaan.
    Jobless berarti penantian untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan yang bener2 worthed nantinya. Banyak yg uda dapet kerja tapi belom tentu itu bener2 pekerjaan yang mereka nantikan atau bahkan banyak jg yang mao berhenti kerja gara2 ga cocok atau ga betah. Gue yakin lo pasti akan dapetin pekerjaan yang "great" nantinya. Tuhan sedang bekerja dibalik penantian.. So keep praying and believing!

    Jiayou (:

  2. Just read your comment here, sorry :(. Thank you so much phang! I'm touched! I appreciate it a lot hehe... I believe the best is yet to come from God :). Gbu


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