Monday, July 23, 2012

6 Little Fellas

Dandelion seeds blowing from stem, Gettyimages
Back with me again my fellow readers! You guys might don't know that my family love animals, yet. I'm telling you know that we do, especially me, my oldest brother and my dad. But you know, just like any other irresponsible kids, I only wanna play with it rather than taking care of it too hahaha... Usually I ask anybody else to do the nursing. S/he might be my maid or driver. Enough with the negativity :P

So, anyway for some of you guys might already know the point that what I'm trying to say behind my latest post (if you're smart enough). I still can't reveal it yet in public but I just wanna say that we have a big back home yard now. Besides wild grass, my dad's chili plant and unknown wild plant, it was still empty untill we decided to buy new addition in form of pet to brisk the lonely backyard

Here I present to you all:

Made by Sabrina Ria Wijaya, 2012
The 6unnies consist of 6 cute bunnies (if they could sing and dance they'd be bigger than Alvin & The Chipmunks :P), that's why I replace the letter "b" to number "6" and the member are, be prepared to handle cuteness overload >.< :

Belang, male

Belo, female
Coklat, male
Item, female
Panda, male

Cemong, female

Aren't they cute as buttons?! Too bad I couldn't make them 6 sit in line, otherwise it'd be so much cuter! Well, I bought the first four (Belang, Belo, Coklat and Item) at Pasar Pramuka, East Jakarta on last Saturday.We felt the backyard was still too empty and need more addition.

 Then on the day after, on Sunday after we went to ITC Permata Hijau after Church. There are a pet booth on ground floor near A&W, the booth has been there for such a long time. People usually only interested with poking and caressing the pet as they walk by. But me and my parents were mesmerized by these 2 little fellas (Panda and Cemong) so we bought them on that day and place them with their new family

Talking about Pasar Pramuka, some of you might already know but maybe some don't. Pasar Pramuka is a well-known large traditional market, it has 2 big building. One has complete collection of avian in cages and the other one is a medicinal equipment building stores. It's definitely not a place for a high maintenance girl, just be ready to get dirty with birds' poo and disgust with birds' food as in little worms once you inside haha... In fact, we were kind of lucky to find bunnies seller because it was full really really full with birds inside. They're everywhere, luckily they're in cages! 

Pasar Pramuka, Google Image

On two days ago, me and my family went to the bird market. Suddenly in the crowd of birds squeaking, chirping and flapping I stumbled on these 2 beautiful little colorful birds and decided to sneakingly snap them both with my Blackberry camera

You see that colorful one? Aren't you mesmerized by it too? It look like a toy isn't it? At first, my dad said it was a wren but then I googled it and found out it is a Gould Amadine, a finch originally from Australia. Click here for more info. I bet the price is expensive!!!

This red-green little birds are Burung Serindit said the seller or Yellow-throated Hanging Parrot in English. I googled it again and found out it's endemic in Java and Bali. I was kinda proud that my beloved country, Indonesia has such beautiful species of birds. They're should be preserved! 

Just go to Pasar Pramuka to see many exotic avian and hear their melodious chirping hehe... I guess that's all about my animal post. And oh, believe me it's hard to take pictures of bunnies. They 're small, run here and there so I had to squat and follow them everywhere in such hot sunny day. Once you snapped, it wasn't its best position, so you had to repeat it all over again, phewww... 

Hope you like this one!
So, until my next posts guys!


  1. Omg, I love rabbits!
    I used to have two long time ago, but they passed away :'(

  2. Belang and Panda died 2 weeks ago, intoxicated by Baygon tho :( so now there are 4 of them left. Why don't you try to have rabbits as pet at NY then? Hehehe...


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