Saturday, November 17, 2012

Take Me Home, I'm Hooked

Who doesn't know them? Yup they're One Direction, the current teenage girl phenomenon in the world. All people probably would has same answer unless you ask it you some random cave men. I know I haven't been featured them on my blog because I see that there are great unlimited articles already written about them that you can find everywhere. So, I'm here mainly want to focus on their 2nd album, which is none other than this

Take Me Home Artwork

Take Me Home is the boys' second album which followed their debut album (Up All Night) on 2011. The album was released on 13 November 2012 in the USA with the first single called "Live While We're Young" released on 28 September 2012 and the second one is "Little Things" released just two days before the album released. They confirmed on Ryan Seacrest interview that the third single will be "Kiss You"

Live While We're Young Artwork

Little Things Artwork

Well, I guess you probably don't need to know where do I get the album, definitely I didn't buy it online or in any local music stores *evil smirk*. I know I'm a bad fans and I'm not gonna justify myself in here but I think it doesn't matter where did I get it and nobody cares anyway. Most importantly is, I'm literally-totally-really hooked on Take Me Home. There I said it and I'm not exaggerating. For the last couple of days, hummm or maybe more I've been listening to nothing but this album only. It makes me feel like don't want to listen to any other album, at least until I memorize all of the songs! Hahaha...

Take Me Home Fan Creation

And oh, I got the iTunes Store Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks version which consists of 17 songs from Limited Yearbook Edition Bonus Tracks and some videos when the boys performed in iTunes Festival 2012, for the rest of the bonus songs I found it elsewhere. So, I got the complete song list of it! Yay!

I like all of the songs basically and if I had to choose which one is my favorite, I guess I can't. Please don't make me but I'd love to divide them into some categories or ratings based on my opinion, with no particular order from scale 1 to 5

5/5: Last First Kiss, Change My Mind, Over Again, They Don't Know About Us and Nobody Compares
4/5: Live While We're Young, Kiss You, Little Things, Heart Attack, Rock Me, I Would, Back For You, She's Not Afraid, Truly Madly Deeply and Irresistible
3/5: C'mon C'mon, Summer Love, Loved You First, Still The One and Magic

Just try to read the lyrics of all the songs especially my top 5, I bet you'd be swooning hard just like I do (almost). In fact, I spent this noon by figuring out how to add those lyrics to my media player so I can sing along while listen to the song hehehe...

But no music album is perfect right, in fact nothing's perfect, so does this one. As much as I love the songs honestly there's something I quite dislike about this album, that is almost all of the songs sound the same. I hope it will be a positive suggestion for them so the upcoming album which is  still far coming will be improved and much better

Which one is your favorite song of the album? I'm pretty sure you'd find hard time to decide it also. Here's the boys' pick of their own favorite song, click and some fans talked about their favorite ones read here. The album sales is headed possibly to half million sales this week and I'm hoping it can reach number 1 position in Billboard! It all can happen because of their fans. I can tell they have one of the best fans in the world who would get updates from them like 24/7 available and I'm happily follow some of their updater twitter accounts. Thanks a lot for those girls! :)

In the future, I don't know if I will ever get bored with them at some point. One thing I know for sure, I have never being in love to a boy band as much as I do now ever since Westlife at 90s, yes I am that old. Yeah I know I'm already a bit too old to love these 19 something boys. But music isn't defined by age right? So feel free to be in love with any kind of music/singer/band from any era. It's funny how they both come from UK, maybe that's one of the factor why I love them both, maybe my soul mate for life would be British too? =P Hahaha *I wish...* 

I remember that when I was crazy about Westlife which happened tens years ago. I bought like all of the magazines that they're featured in, all of their album, memorized the songs and was being stampeded and wet by sweat at their concert accompanied with my mom when I was just at 6th grade. Maybe I'd do the same if One Direction comes to Indonesia *fingers crossed*

I'm not poisoning you to love the boys too but I hope you guys now understand why I'm head over heels towards them. I mean, who can't fall in love with the boys? These 5 cuties will be another music legend if they do their work consistently and still down to earth to their fans (which happens greatly so far). Huffington Post itself says 2012 is the YEAR of One Direction, why? Read the article here *did I say it in winning voice tone?* =P

Last but not least, I realized I haven't mentioned my favorite, they are Louis, Zayn and Harry. Just so we're clear: my heart is for Louis, my eyes for Zayn and my ears for Harry ;)
Well, okay I need to end this post here otherwise I'd be melting because too much looking to their cherubs' face. Can't hold it any longer hahaha... 

See you in my upcoming posts guys

Go Directioners!

Oh, did I mention "BEWARE CUTENESS OVERLOAD" at the beginning of the post?! =P

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  1. Ouch.. gue ga tau ttg boyband ini sab, jadi bisa kasih komen byk ttg ini, hix. ga ada feel-nya soalnya, si michelle tuh yg up-to-date kalo kyak ginian.. But anyways, part yg my heart is for Louis, my eyes for Zayn, and my ears for Harry itu.. hahaha.. lucu sab, jadi ngingetin gue pas lagi bingung milih tiga barang sale-an yang good price and good quality, lol.


  2. What?! You're a New Yorker and don't know about them? No offense tho LOL... Go try to listen to their music. Worth it! Really?! hahaha berarti emg qta sama y suka laper mata :p


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