Monday, November 12, 2012

Fashion Picked #4: Taylor Swift

Marie Claire UK, November 2012

If you're lucky enough to be different from everyone else, don't change - Taylor Swift

I realize that it's been awhile, a long while I haven't done Fashion Picked. This time I dedicated it for Ms. Swift! as you can see her picture above. Who doesn't know her, right?! Yes, she is fearless, sings country, has angelic face, believe in love so much and she is the number 13 avid young woman who writes random lyrics on one of her arms every time she goes on stage and I find that unique! Well, I had never into her that much, my likeness rating for her was just simply I listen to her song every time newest single is out or so, that's it. But recently, I start to like her more especially when her newest album, Red is released

This time Fashion Picked is a bit different than the usual one, because this time I wanna focus on Swift's daily outfit. I find her day to day fashion sense is better than her appearance on some red carpet awards. I'm not saying it's ugly but I'm more excited to share her day to day outfit to you. Well, without any further due, just keep scrolling and see by yourself! 

Shopping In Bond Street and Portobello Road in London, England, January 2012

Shopping At The Ventura County Flea Market in Ventura, California, January 2012

Leaving Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe in Beverly Hills, California, April 2012
Shopping at Neil Lane Jewelry Store in L.A., California, May 2012
At Kings Road Cafe in Beverly Hills, California, May 2012

At The Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, California, May 2012

Out for Lunch at Paradise Cove in Malibu, California, June 2012

Out in New York City, August 2012

Leaving The Hospital Club in London, England, October 2012
 Look at her kitten flats, so cute! 

Leaving Her Hotel in London, England, November 2012

I can tell that she is effortlessly a vintage-sweet chick by her daily outfit, I like it much! So, those all my favorite of her daily look, if you wanna see her complete source of pictures and all just click taylorpictures, I got these photos there too

It's not my fault if someone cheats and I write a song about it - Taylor Swift

I'm currently listening to her newest album, Red on repeat. Actually, I'm listening to it as I'm writing this post hehehe... I recommend this one to you guys. All of the songs have various tunes and catchy so it's far from the word boring . You won't be sorry, I promise! :)

Prologue by Taylor Swift herself

The song list

My favorite are Red, Everything Has Changed, Begin Again, I Knew You Were Trouble and Stay Stay Stay but I haven't listened to the bonus tracks yet :(

But my most favorite is definitely Red! Not because it's the album title but it's because my previous love story is pretty much like the lyrics. It's not like I wanna equalize mine with hers and I'm pretty sure there are many other girls who feel like it's as if written for them or me but believe me, I know what I feel the moment when I clicked and directly hooked up to the song and maybe you'll never understand about it unless you feel it by yourself

On top of that, the music is also beautiful! What else could you ask more when you feel a song lyrics match with your condition accompanied by good tunes, that makes it complete. I know I never tell about my private things to you guys and that won't change, ever, but if you curious or at least mind a bit about it, just try to Google the lyrics, here Red lyrics

Well, last but not least Ms. Swift just won BIG at MTV EMA by bringing home 3 awards! Congratulations a lot for that! Here's the complete list of the winner 

That's all for today's post guys
See you in my upcoming posts!

Just be yourself, there's no one better - Taylor Swift


  1. Taylor bagusan rambutnya pas lurus yah sab? hehe.

  2. Iya phang, lebih seksi gimanaaa gitu hehehe


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