Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Holiday Part 1

Here I am guys! Back to present you story about my New Year's holiday. I make it into 2 parts because there are gonna be a LOT of photos and stories which will become too wordy if I make it into one post. Well, you guys must be know those two landmarks above right? Yup, the left one is Petronas Tower and besides it is Merlion statue. Those two will guide you to my holiday this time. So, prepare yourself, sit back and let's start with the first one shall we? :)

My new year's holiday took place for 6 days 5 nights, started from 28 Dec 2012 until 2 January 2013. Me and my family decided to take a low cost budget holiday trip. We also didn't take tour or city tour because you know we have faith that everything will go smoothly while we stay there and the most important is the language is pretty much the same as our mother tongue

First country we visited is Malaysia...!!! Me and my family stayed here for 3 days 2 nights. It was my first time in Malaysia and I can say I enjoyed it. Let's start this trip from the Day 1 until Day 3.  Feeling adventurous enough? Here you go:

Day 1 (28 Dec 2012)

Arrived at the LCCT airport, Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon

We took the bus costed MYR 18 to our hostel. The weather was pretty nice tho

 Tadaaaa... we arrived at our hostel and you can see it is surrounded by money changer, bakery, starbucks and McDonald's. Not to mention, a massage place with some sultry masseuse located next to the hostel haha... The bad thing was we have to take several stairs to reach the lobby

Here is the room, we rented a family suite. It had 1 queen size bed, 2 single bed plus 1 extra bed and the bathroom also attached to the room. Pretty nice isn't it? I like this hostel and the price wasn't expensive either

After we put our baggage in the hostel room, we looked for lunch. It's already passed lunch time so we were kinda starving. Lucky us our hostel was located near the central of local gourmet named Alor Street. Ever since that, we always had dinner in this restaurant

Cu Cha Restaurant had everything delicious on the menu but what I love the most and makes me miss Malaysia even more is this one: Penang Char Kway Teow, costed only MYR 6. It's basically a seafood kway teow but it's totally different with the ones I eat in Indonesia. Besides you can't get one good seafood kway teow only costed IDR 18.000 in Indonesia right? Well, I'm addicted! Very recommended! :9

After had our late lunch, we went to Petaling Street to buy some mementos and souvenirs. A little tip: you have to be smart in bargaining here otherwise you'll be fooled and buy something in expensive price

They're ready for Chinese New Year. Saw this attractive shop along the way to Petaling Street

Found this beautifully authentic Hindu temple also along the way to Petaling. You'll often see a temple in Kuala Lumpur in the middle of the city because you know I think second largest race live there is Indian

We took a bath at hostel, had dinner at Cu Cha restaurant and then we went here to take photos below the famous Malaysia landmark, Petronas tower or also known as the Twin Tower. On the way to go to the tower, we had to pass by Suria KLCC Mall. It was a gorgeous mall and look the Christmas festivity were still around!

Here we are The Wijaya's have stepped their feet on Petronas! Yay! It should be printed bigger, framed and put on the wall of our family room don't you think? :P. A bit info for those who don't know about the famous skyscrapers: it is short of Petroliam National Berhad, Malaysian oil and gas company which is headquartered inside the tower. Opened in 1998 and was the tallest building in the world between the year 1998-2004 and become the landmark of Kuala Lumpur

Another Holiday decoration near Petronas tower

Day 2 (29 Dec 2012)

Us at the LRT on the way to Batu Caves

Arrived at Batu Caves, took pictures first before we went inside the cave. The left one is Hanuman statue as for others I don't know the name

The Wijaya's in front of Lord Murugan statue. It's mentioned as the biggest in the world

There were a lot of pigeons on the field, maybe they make nests inside the rock, I don't know. You see the stairs in the middle? They consist of 272 stairs, so you have to be ready and be fit if you wanna come here to climb the stairs. It's the only way to go inside the cave. So, yeah I stopped many times in the middle, afraid that my heart couldn't take anymore, the weather was very hot, but in the end I made it! Yay!

Here's inside the Batu Caves, it is a nature-made cave temple for Hindu people, formed 400 million years ago from limestone. It is one of the most popular Hindu religious site outside India. You have to come by here when you visit Malaysia, it's spotted on number 5 in Kuala Lumpur: 10 Things to Do Time magazine version

The Caves wow-ed me because of the natural sophisticated structure. It's something that human couldn't make I think. You can see on the right side, there's another stairs to reach an outdoor place. You must be asking where's my mom? Well, with her weight weak kneel like that, she decided not to climb up hundreds of stairs and stayed downstairs

Me and my oldest brother at the outdoor place, another little shrine that you can see

And oh, beware of the monkeys! They will come down from heights, jumping around the trees as soon as people come to the Caves but they were not as naughty as those ones in Bali. They only targeted people who bring food. This one just successfully stole a pack of food from some Bule

After went around at Batu Caves, we took a taxi to go to the bus station that will take us to Skyway station to reach Genting Highlands and yeah the queue was pretty much like Anaconda. Very crowded! We managed to take the skyway after an hour queuing 

Here we are at the skyway cable car! It took 15 minutes to go to the top. You can see the white building from the far is the Genting Hotel

We finally reached to the top and here they are Genting Theme park and the First World Hotel. So, at Genting Resorts World there are many hotels which are big and quite expensive I guess. The weather was so cold!

We had our late lunch (again) at this fast food restaurant. Cheaper but pretty much the same taste as KFC :)

In front of the famous Casino at Genting. Too bad no camera allowed to take photos inside. But hey, there was a bad case happened to us here. After we had lunch at Marry Brown, we straightly went inside the casino. We spent like 2 hours there, didn't play at all, just enjoyed other's game. It opened my eyes about how world of gambling looked like. The gambling activities there was so luring and tantalizing, my brothers almost yeah almost put a bet on a game but me and my mom kept resist it. 2 hours passed by and we got bored and came out from there. My dad suddenly realize his handy cam wasn't with him or with one of us. We got very panicked, negative thinking rushed into our mind "what if? how if? and so on". We directly searched for it, so we went back to Marry Brown and Thank God! the waitress kept it there. So, it's like my dad left it while we had our lunch. We were very much relieved and praised God at that time! 

You know what was amazing?! We spent 2 hours without realizing my dad's handy cam was gone. It's like our soul and attention were sucked to some demonic atmosphere inside the casino. How if my brother did put a bet, he lost and then my dad's handy cam was gone for real also? I really really couldn't imagine how our holiday which supposed to be joyful turned into chaos if such thing happened. But then God is extremely wonderfully kind to us, the 2 hours gone of my dad's handy cam was like a reminder for us not to do sin by playing at casino. Phew... I can't thank You enough dear God :)

We arrived at our hostel in the evening by bus, there was a trouble again, we almost ran out of bus seats and had to wait for hours before the last bus that can take us back to nearest MRT, but money talks :P. So, we took a bath and then went around malls across the hostel. There was a one building for Sephora only and there was Pavilion. It was the biggest and most spacious mall in Kuala Lumpur from what I've heard

The Christmas decorations inside Pavilion. I know it's already passed but I couldn't help it seeing those beautiful attributes happened to be every where

Posing beside Les Miserables movie poster, don't you think I'm qualified as the seventh character? :P and look at the next picture, it's a local Malaysian movie I guess. I smiled when I'm reading the title hehe... No offense tho

Inside the Fahrenheit mall, another Christmas tree still stood beautifully. There was a celebration of 100th years the birth of Doraemon while I stayed there and there's also new Japanese clothes store just opened named Parkamaya

Then we had our dinner back at Alor Street at the same restaurant also, Cu Cha. Here's Alor Street at night, full with hungry people hahaha... A lot of food stands you can try here

To quench my thirst at that night, I ordered ice coconut directly from the shell. It was sweet and delicious!

Look! I found this cute stuffed panda stall along the Alor Street but I didn't buy one because I'm not that into stuffed animals

And to close our last night at Malaysia, we bought some souvenirs for our relatives in Jakarta. We also bought some for ourselves but I haven't opened them yet, until now so I couldn't tell you about the taste haha

I definitely wanna go back to Malaysia, a lot of places haven't been explored, a lot of food haven't been tasted, all with averagely cheap price because you know the MYR rate only 3.000 more expensive than IDR. One thing I miss the most is Alor Street! Really!

Day 3 (30 Dec 2012)

In the morning, we took the bus to the next country, it costed MYR 60 for one trip. It took 4-5 hours to go Singapore. So, until my next post guys! See you in Singapore (post) hehe... A lot of interesting story, pictures and videos are coming up!

Fiuhhh... it took me 3 hours to finish this full of story and graphic post, literally! Hope you enjoy my part 1 new year's holiday and it interests you to go to Malaysia also. You won't be sorry! Glad that I can share the happiness to all of you guys :)


  1. Awww... your post make me miss Malaysia so much!!!
    Malaysia itu pertama kalinya gue pergi sama Michelle cm berdua doang.
    I miss KLIA too, itu airport terbagus kayaknya yang pernah kita datengin, hehe. Dan ohh.. I envy you, you took pictures right in front of Petronas Twin Towers! Kapan itu kita moto dari jauuuuh banget, dan pas siang2 (yeah I know, nothing's great about that! huh!), we didn't even have a chance to touch Petronas and padahal malem2 Petronas itu bagusss, huhu. Pas ke Batu Cave jg, kita ga ada kesempetan untuk naek ke atas, karena tour kita yang buru2 dan kayaknya kita jg menolak untuk manjat kesana, karena panas and tinggi bangettt.. :p tapi pulang2 nyesel jg sih karena ga manjat, hahaha! Btw, we love Genting Highlands but Michelle berkali2 sakit perut terus kerjaannya dan akhirnya kerjaan kita kebanyakan cuma di kamar gara2 nemenin dia. Ps: pulang2 dia nyesel and bilang: "iya yaa coba gue tahan tuh sakit perut, pasti kita bisa maen lbh banyak lagi!" <= me: (dalem ati) -> *coba lo nyadar dari pas disana -.-"* ~LOL! Intinya we had a really great experience in Malaysia, and I bet you too!

    Anyways, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog dear! And of course, you're very welcome to be my friend (;


    1. Ps: Can't wait to see your.. video?? Awww!


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