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New Year's Holiday Part 2

Back to my New Year's Holiday guys! This time is the part 2. So, where are we? Ahhh... we've already left Malaysia and went straight away to the country of Merlion, Singapore. Like I said before, the trip between this neighbor countries took 5 hours. Pretty long huh? No worries, the bus was so comfy which was equipped with massages seats for every one of the passengers and stopped few times in the middle of the trip for the passengers go to the loo or buy some snacks. You can just sleep throughout the trip you know!

So, yeah to open this post, here I am  in front of the Singapore landmark! Yay! Keep rolling guys!

Day 1 (30 Dec 2012)

We arrived at the hostel in the afternoon already pretty tired from the 5 hours bus trip pulling our luggage go inside and out MRT by walking, reading the map with confusion, until we finally found our hostel. Fiuhhh... but the adventure was far from over!

Remember when I said we go as backpackers this time? Here's the look of our room, we are serious of what we were saying. There were 3 pairs of bunk beds, 5 for us to sleep and another one left was for putting our baggage. So small yeah but hey after all it was just merely for sleep so it wasn't that much matter 

The plus is our hostel was surrounded by many food places like this one, where we had our dinner first night in Singapore 

My first meal at Singapore was this, Chicken mix rice. Tasted pretty good tho...

Okay, so our planned after had dinner was to go see Wonderful Light Show but my brother directed us to wrong direction so we were lost and ended up here in Esplanade

The Wijaya's at the Esplanade. You can see Marina Bay Sands as the background 

Back to the hostel after went around on the first night and here's the look of the lobby and the eating area. Good thing was this hostel supplies free flow of food and drink. You just have to be smart to find places where they hide them, pssttt... mainly they put them inside drawer and fridge hahaha...

Day 2 (31 Dec 2012)

Morning! And here we are eating our breakfast in the hostel eating area

First thing on the second day is the meeting of two families. So it happened that my mom's cousin's (far right) family went to Singapore too and we arranged to meet each other. The different was their went back to Jakarta not long after this meeting

 Their hostel located across Clarke Quay so we went there a bit and took photos

Me at the bridge of Boat Quay

After had lunch at Chinatown food center then we went to Gardens By The Bay. To go there we had to pass by The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The mall was very big and there was little Venetian with gondolas on the lowest floor. You can see Christmas decorations still stood up there

The view inside Marina Bay Sands hotel. So, in order to reach Gardens By The Bay we had to walk through the inside bridge that connect the hotel and the garden. Tourists were free to walk inside and out here but no access inside the hotel. How do you think? IMHO it wasn't as great as I thought

Here you can see the rooms in more detail, as the background of the photos

My mom and me still at the same place

Outside the hotel, there was an open space where you can look to the Singapore's main tourists attractions. I'm surrounded by the hotel on my left side and Singapore flyer behind. The weather was not so good at that time, in fact it was cloudy and a bit raining

Here's the Gardens By The Bay. Not that good in day light maybe we had to come here at night for it'd be prettier but we had tight schedule so we didn't

The Wijaya's in front of Garden By The Bay

Me at the bridge that connects the hotel to the garden outside. Bellow me was highway where at that time cars were packed

Sneak peek inside the gardens. I didn't take much photos because again IMHO it was so so, just green everywhere because basically it was plant conservation inside a city. There was also flower dome inside the area but you have to purchase a ticket if you want go inside 

The Supertree Grove. They're like the main center of the gardens. You can see behind them on the right side is the flower dome

Another Supertree Grove. I'm sure they'd be so beautiful at nights when those hard wire turn into lights

We didn't spend our time long at the gardens because of the rain so we back to hostel and I passed by this Love Locks or Love Padlocks at Clarke Quay along the way back. They're custom padlocks with sweet details written on it, usually love wishes which are affixed to a fence as lovers' symbolize their everlasting love. You can see it in many countries and at increasing number of locations. It was my first time to see that, and that was pretty cute!

After took bath at the hotel, we had dinner at Chinatown again. This time was full pork hahaha... And then we got ready to watch New Year's Eve fireworks at Marina Bay Sands

I was planning to upload the video but the size was too big so I had an idea to just crop the fireworks picture. I think the fireworks was not as spectacular as I thought before. There was so crowded with people but we got the best view because we waited for 3 hours before the time and the fireworks only lasted for 5-8 minutes. So yeah it was a struggle... 

Day 3 (1 Jan 2013)

Today we went to Vivo City mall to go straight away to Resorts World at Sentosa island

My mom and me at Sentosa Boardwalk. There were two options to reach Sentosa island, first one is using hundreds meters travalator and second one is using cable car. We chose the first option because we had to pay the second one and there was long queue also

Here we are arrived at the Resorts World Sentosa!

The Wijaya's posing in front of Singapore's landmark, Merlion

Tadaaaa... me in front of Universal Studio Singapore earth globe

The Wijaya's still at the same place. We didn't go inside the USS because first of all it must be so crowded in high season, second my parents think they're too old for this hahaha..., third it was so pricey!

I love these candies hanging on the ceiling above. This place wasn't far from the USS earth globe, make sure you take your picture here whenever you come here. It was so sweet!

And then we took free shuttle car to go around Sentosa island. There were man-made beaches, Siloso Beach Party took place yesterday for 12 hours, and there was a bar named Bikini. We spent like 3 hours in the island and then we had lunch at Vivo City mall food court and went to Bugis street to buy some souvenirs before back to the hostel

After that we had dinner at here, Song Fa Bakut Teh. The photo taken in the day light by my brother when we passed it a long the way to China Town. Too bad it was closed at that time so we changed our plan to eat it at night on the day after

Here the menu that we ordered. What can I say? All of them are delicious! Definitely my favorite meal during my stay at Singapore

We went to Clarke Quay after we had dinner at Songfa to accomplish my initial goal. Here's the view at night. Pretty amazing right?

Here's my initial goal! Yup, ate Turkish Ice Cream. The ice cream tasted so so and it costed SGD 5, yeah pretty expensive but compare that you have to go to Turkey, it's definitely much cheaper. Well, what I was looking for and wanted for so long is the attraction because that's what they sell actually and I love it. The Turkish man was hilarious and very skillful in tricking you LOL. It attracts many people to stop by. I wanted to upload the video but I keep getting error message from blogger, don't know why. Too bad you have to believe based on what I say only :( but I promise I'll update it with the video as soon as I've figured out the way

Here's the restaurant where those waitress using tank top and shorts short as uniform. Sexy enough to lure male customers! But my brother were disappointed because they're as beautiful as what he saw on the internet haha...

 The night was far from over, so we went to the famous Orchard Road. It doesn't feel complete if we go to Singapore but we didn't stop by here. Orchard Road was very festive at that night because of Christmas decorations which still left there

Day 4 (2 Jan 2013)

Our last day at Singapore and before we went back to Malaysia by bus, we had lunch at Berseh Food Centre. This what I ordered, Char Kwey Teow. Still, Malaysia's much more delicious than this one. Oh, man I'm drooling again!

Here's the famous Dim Sum restaurant nearby my hostel. Very famous with the locals. The hostel manager told us to taste some of them and yeah they're very crowded with people queuing, it's impossible to dine in so we bought some to take away and no lies the Dim Sum was delicious!

Good bye Singapore and Malaysia! Till we meet again! I can tell that based on this holiday, Malaysia is the winner who stole my heart more because of the food and the cheap price for everything. I didn't say Singapore is bad or something but I'm a bit disappointed to what I thought was great turned out it wasn't match with my thinking but kudos to the clean and easily access environment in order to go everywhere :)

Last but not least, here's what I bought for myself from this holiday. The hand bag was from Petaling Street, Malaysia costed MYR 20 and the shorts from Bugis street, Singapore costed SGD 10. Both are pretty cheap! Hehehe...

Well, too bad the holiday has to end here guys. Back to reality, I know as much as I don't want to but I had to. You know what made me happy the most from this holiday? I feel... free during the trip as if I didn't need to think about anything, as if all of my burden were lifted out of me. Crazy right? Haha...
Hopefully you enjoy both parts of my New Year's holiday. Give me feed back I'd more than glad to hear it So, until next posts guys!

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