Sunday, February 10, 2013

CNY 2564

fu (Chinese) : happiness
Does the picture above ring a bell to your mind? Does it jog any memories you have in mind that might be where or when the Chinese character above is often be found? Yes, you are correct if you answer is Chinese New Year. You must be wondering what some random code I put on the title? Nope, it's not what you think it is, it's just how I name this post. CNY is the abbreviation of Chinese New Year and 2564 is the year based on Chinese calendar count which we celebrated in 2013

This post is gonna be short because I'm just gonna greet you all Happy CNY in my version, of course with pictures just like I did on the last Christmas and Happy New Year. So, on behalf of snake babies allow me to say:

You can see I put two photos of myself wearing traditional Chinese costume (Cheongsam) in it too. Those two taken like almost 7 years ago, when I was about having my sweet seventeen. I still look the same, ya think? Yeah, I know it's narcissism overload but well, can't help it hahaha...

This year's Chinese zodiac is snake, water snake to be exact. I'm myself Chinese zodiac is snake so you can tell it's pretty much of my year hehe... but well, I'm not gonna write about the forecast of this year because I don't believe it at all, but if you are curious to the core just read it here Travel China Guide, Years Of The Snake. Above all, let's just hope everything will be better for us than last year. Amen!

she (Chinese) : snake
For this CNY which happened on Sunday, me and my family went to church in the morning and after that we had lunch at Central Park Mall in West Jakarta also spent our times there like hours waiting for the Acrobatic Lion Dance in sake of my mom so she could watch it. She loves it much and she won't miss it every year! Does the waiting worth the result? The answer is... no. IMHO, it's disappointing but anything for your mom right? And then, we went straight home afterwards. That's it for this CNY

So, my photo collage is already said pretty much about the CNY greeting. It means that this post needs to end here. And oh, I'm really sorry for the lack of update. Nothing to be worried about tho, it just seems the thing called "inspiration" hates me lately until it never comes across my mind even just for a while. Well, it's already midnight here, I need to stop blabbering too haha...

Anyways, until next posts guys!
See ya!

Pic source: We Heart It and Getty Images


  1. I didn't see any Lion dancing this year's CNY :0
    and reading your post makes me wonder, how could I didn't get to see any of it LOL

    happy Chinese new year! :)

    btw, I just posted a new blogpost, mind to check it out? ;D

  2. eh there is Lion dancing in CP ?
    Happy super late CNY :)

  3. Awww, Sab... I love your chinese dress picture, you look gorgeous!


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