Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bare Feet

Summer Time

Brace yourself, summer is here guys! What is the first thing you think when you hear the word "summer"? Beach, bikinis, skin tanned, sunglasses, ice cream, watermelon, clear starry night, bonfire, fireworks, summer festival or summer travel? Well you name it! Whatever it is, summer is arguably one of the most anticipated time of the year for everybody! Well, obviously for me although there is no summer/every time is summer in my hometown but summer has always been memorable to me :)

For summer post this time I'd like to remark it with few of my polyvore creations, hope you guys like em:

Sunkissed Beauty
I named it Sunkissed Beauty because well I've always been wanted to wear a bikini inside a flow-y cute summer dress at a beach. No laugh please! I know it kinda impossible to do it in my hometown tho. 
Apart from all of them, my memory about summer was sweet. Let's just assume summer in my hometown happened in June along with the graduation holiday. My family and I almost always went to the beach for EVERY YEAR. We haven't done that again for several passed summer because now there's no holiday on June, we're all busy with our jobs. I really miss those times, eugh!

Beauty and The Beach
Besides the flow-y cute summer dress I wanna wear a bikini inside a crop top and shorts too with a pretty hairband on my hair, I imagine wearing all of those while walking and exploring a vintage town or visiting a summer festival. It must be a WOW experience in my life haha... 
In my hometown, there are two well-known holiday places either you go to a beach or go high to a mountain. I always prefer a beach to mountain obviously! I think I got it from my dad, he was an avid angler back then. Usually a high maintenance stereotype girl hates to go to a beach because of sweat and all the sticky weather and salt water but it ain't valid for me. I really really enjoy my time at beach you know. What I miss the most is having fun playing fireworks at night! :(

Happy Fourth Of July!
And oh, no forget to say Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! Still, I congratulate to you guys with my polyvore creation. I put a Superman crop top on it because people say Superman is the real American hero hehe, so I think it suits to be there :)

I guess that's all for my summer post today! Make sure you visit my Polyvore profile, drop some likes, comments or anything. I'm happy to see that coming from you :)
You can see who I'm following, those people are my favorite and of course so talented in polyvore-ing. They're creation are simply breath-taking! Don't compare them to me, because I know I'm way too far below them hahaha... I'm trying to get there tho :P 

So, I'm ready to hit this year summer time with whatever I can do to enjoy it although clearly there is no sign of beach at all! Actually, realize it or not this post could be my cure to my beach-sickness hahaha...
Well, how about you? Are you ready to go bare feet and leave your footprints in the sand?

Until my next post guys!

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