Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Twenty 24 Four

Yup, 24 year old and counting... Hip hip hurayyy! Today, 18 Sept 2013 I celebrated my 24th birthday and I was pretty happy about it. Although I'm getting older and cough mature cough... but today was going well. Here, I wanna share you about what happened on today, yes on my birthday. Keep scrolling guys because this year I celebrated a little bit different than any other years. Ha!

I celebrated my birthday this year on Holycow!, the one which is located on Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. For you who don't know yet, Holycow! is a well-known restaurant who specialty in steak, beef to be exact. Their steak are so delicious and juicy and best ones in town! Not only the steak but the side dishes also yummy :9

Well, when I said "celebrated" it's actually not quite a celebration because in fact I only wanted to experience the special treat which you guys can read on the picture above. Yesss... free wagyu on your birthday! Where else you can enjoy one of the best wagyu steaks in town free of charge right? So, without any second thought I went there accompanied by my parents at lunch time :)

Free wagyu on your birthday, on one condition: you are willing to wear silly hair band or hat. I got a cute one though, a big red polkadot Minnie Mouse's bow head band so it was totally okay for me to wear it in the middle of the guests crowd who enjoying their lunch hehe...I should wore a red T-shirt too, I believe it would make me even cuter or even the cutest one there among of all the people hahaha :P

Me and my mom

My beloved parents, who are willing to accompany their daughter enjoy the special treat hehe

Herb Wedges for the appetizer, it's just the usual wedges but they cooked it using some particular herbs which make the wedges spicy and had good aroma

My mom's meal, Meatballs with beans, french fries and homemade mushroom sauce. This was basically Wagyu made into meatballs, pretty good taste!

And... drum rolls please... this is what I chose for my special treat, Wagyu Tenderloin. Yup, I made the most of the opportunity because clearly, I chose the most pricey one! LOL...  The meat was tender and juicy andI truly fell in love with the homemade mushroom sauce. Especially with the mushroom chunky inside it. I'm a one mushroom freaks, ya know! Hehe...

Me and my parents had to share the steaks because we were sure we couldn't finish each every one of them if we ordered for our own. In fact, we were so full even we had to share the lunch ahahaha... So, thank you Holycow! for the free wagyu on my birthday and oh for the cute hair band too :)

 Another highlight of my birthday this year was I made myself a collage using my tablet. Yup, I cut my hair to even shorter than the last time. These photos were taken right after I finished from the saloon and just arrived at my room. It was beautifully fresh cut and groomed but now the hair back to the naughty state again, so I had to tied it into half like my previous photos huhu... 

Last but not least, I opened Google today and found this! How cute and thoughtful right?! But then I think it's impossible for Google to make it personal just only for me, thanks to my friend Mr. Aaron Hasth for ruining the moment :p. But deep inside the thought of Google made it special only for me made me happier, so I'd prefer to think about it that way haha...

Anyways, that's all for my birthday. I'm happy I made it a little bit different by enjoying free wagyu steak this year hehe... 
Well, it's been a roller coaster ride through my 23 to 24 year old, many ups and downs and I never know what the future holds but I really am grateful for God has given me another year to live on. 
I just wish I will become a resemblance of Him more and a blessing for others. That's what I'm longing in my life the most
Hopefully, as I grow older I will a better person without diminish my own self : the humorous, flirtatious, laugh-a-lot, caring, narcissistic, flawed, horror movie freaks, introvert and many more (you name it) me

Once again, thank God and thank you for the birthday greetings and wishes. Yes, to every single one of you. Forgive me if I missed to say thank you back. One thing for sure, all your wishes for me would be right back at you and many happy returns also :)

So, that's all for today's folks
Until my upcoming posts!

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