Saturday, August 31, 2013

This Is Us (2013)

Yeah, give it up for One Direction babyyyy!!! It's my second time writing about the lads on my blog. In today's post I want to talk about their newest movie, This Is Us. So, yeah I watched it yesterday. Enjoying some me time hehehe... You know what, I couldn't forget the movie ever since! Well, wanna know why folks? Keep scrolling then  
Ups first of all, I have to warn you guys of spoiler alert! :)

Basically, this movie was about the lads career path since they were individual contestants on X Factor, they were not chosen as finalists, Simon Cowell made the lads into one group, they lost again and the rest is history... until they're one of the biggest boy band like now :)

I really really love the movie especially from two main aspects: first, the 3D effects and second, the humor within. After watched it, now I know that Niall loves jumping around and Harry loves to pump out his fist while singing on the stage. They do that all the time hahaha...

Those images above are few hilarious scenes inside the movie. The above left is the one when they were choreography practicing and next to it is the one when they were singing live and suddenly Liam pulled down Harry's pants LOL... The one below is when they arrived in Japan and there are so many other hilarious scenes within the movie. They're still young so they prank a lot! Hahaha... so funny!

Not only, we could see the career path and their live concert in O2 Arena, London but we could also see their live before they are super famous. Like picture above, Harry was once a clerk on a bakery in his hometown before he is a member of one world famous boy band like now

This one is also my favorite, every time they are about to go on stage. They together shout the word "the best!" (please correct me if I'm wrong), whatever it is they always give their best and all to their fans. This movie made me cry also especially when Zayn successfully bought their family a big beautiful house by his own money, oh my it was so touching! *happy tears* :') and looking each of the lads family, it was so difficult to be like them, couldn't see their son and brother almost for years who they usually saw everyday. I couldn't imagine the longing!

Yup, the virus now spread all over the world. Amazing right?! Started with a small group of girls in British and now they're world famous. Although, we can't deny there will always be haters or skeptical people who underestimate them or call them names. But yeah, just screw them. I think they're just jealous and can't accepting the fact of the lads rocketing fame

Okay, it's true that there are so many one hit wonder celebrities, now they're famous but tomorrow they're not and just pufff gone. The lads themselves stated in the movie that they don't wanna be like that and if it happened, they hope they still could be best friends. Well, one hit wonder could happen to the lads but we couldn't put aside the fact that they're friendly, cute, hilarious and they can sing. Four main points for a great quality celebrities. I really really hope they could last as long as possible and their fans keep growing :)

Overall, I give this movie 8 out of 10 as the rating. I salute Morgan Spurlock as the creator of this movie. It was one complete movie, hilarious and touching as well. The best documentary of celebrity's life I've ever seen! I got that the 5 lads are a unity, they are more than colleagues but they're brothers, they complete each other and I could see their hard work  :D

I used to say that my favorite is Louis but after I watched this movie now I'm biased, I think I love them all. I couldn't choose which one is my favorite hahaha...
 I suggest you, strongly to go see this movie guys! You definitely would enjoy it and never be sorry hahaha... You'll be indulged by their cute face, good voices and humor! You would be laughing hard yet minutes later you'll be touched of their hard work. They're waiting for youuu... 

Last but not least, have you guys know that they're already launched their perfume also? I bet you guys do. It is called Our Moment. Oh, man I really really hope I could have this as my birthday present. It would be the best birthday gift EVER!!! Hahaha... I'm so curious about the smell and the price in IDR, soon it will be launched worldwide. Hellowww... anybody, do you hear me? *fingers crossed* *praying* :p. Click here for more info, Eden Parfums as the official online store who sell the lads fragrance

And above all, I really really wish one day they have their concert here in Jakarta. I'm so gonna see it! :D
So, until my next posts folks!


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