Monday, June 29, 2009

To The King Of Pop

Dear Jacko,
You love your fans until you Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
We always Rock with You every time we listen to you
We don't mind Workin' Day and Night just to get a chance to see you live
Once you said It's the Falling in Love to Lisa Marie Presley
But two years later you tell us She's Out of My Life
You didn't give up until that and then you Wanna Be Startin' Somethin new in relationship
You met Debora Rowe, she became your Girlfriend and you said The Girl is Mine
Yea, once again you Beat It, the love story Off The Wall
The next story you remain Just Good Friends with two women that were matter the most in your life
The Way You Make Me Feel makes me want to Get on The Floor
You were like Man in The Mirror, can be seen but can't be touched
I would admit that I did Smooth Criminal by accusing you without knowing the truth
That's why we were all look like Billie Jean and Dirty Diana
Whereas all you ever wanted to do is Heal The World
You never mind about Black or White, we are all the same in your eyes
Your love to earth can't be measured by singing the Earth Song, it's much more than that
And suddenly you started to feel like Stranger in Moscow
You think that They Don't Care About Us
Your traumatic times at Childhood, makes you feel lonely
In fact, You Are Not Alone, never
We always Smile with you, here
We wanted to say that I'll Be There always, for you Michael
But you didn't ever know that and it became even Bad
You were getting more Dangerous
Your Human Nature won't let you live your life any second more
Maybe you feel like you lived In The Closet, it was Jam
Maybe you often ask to yourself Why You Wanna Trip on Me
When you asked Who Is It to yourself, it's too late already
Right now you are HIStory
I Scream, everybody Scream why did you Gone too Soon?
The world Cry and mourn, because there would never be another like you
Now we have to continue your will, Come Together as a united
We have to Keep the Faith because at This Time Around might be the hardest time for us
I will always Remember The Time, times when you performed amazingly on stages
Your life might be a Thriller and Another Part of Me won't believe it
but I know I Just Can't Stop Loving You, you will live in my heart for eternity

This poem is dedicated to

The Late Michael Jackson


Hope you can read it from Above, Jacko...

I love him more like this, before he did all of the plastic surgeries

p.s: this poem are arranged from MJ's songs, not all, just the most well known

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